Sunday, 7 October 2012

MasterTrader Pro

An excellent session. A quiet trading time allowed the group to become more aware of correlated topics such as US/AUD index, oil and equities markets, plus various websites to assist our FX trading decision making.


Great as usual.



Happy all round

Nice people with good knowledge. Good exercises, good methodology, I enjoyed it lots. ALL excellent!

Awesome presenters!

Saira + Joseph Rock!!!


Watching the DVD’s confused me and I was concerned if the course was right for me. Being in the classroom makes a huge difference. The presenters, again, are awesome.


Thanks, Catherine



I always learn minimum 1 new thing each time that helps my understanding.

Thanks guys.


Masters of our own path....

Saira is a great presenter and I like the way she used her NLP skills to get us to shift from a place of fear/unknown and get us to be Masters of our own growth path in FX trading.


Ultimate Forex Course

I really enjoyed the use of E-signal in demonstrating basic principles and strategies rather than just notes, well presented course, service was great.


Thanks, Jeeterh

Ultimate Forex Sydney

Hi There

Extremely well presented, I’m thrilled with the presentation and passion put into it by Saira.

Seminar was far superior to the DVD’s (and I thought the DVD’s were good). I liked the additional “off the plan” parts of the presentation.

Keep doing what you’re doing – that is – helping people see there’s more that can be achieved in life than what most people are taught through tradition.



Ultimate Forex Course


Your course and company shows a highest professionalism and care on the students.

Thanks very much!



Wealth Stream

GoToWebinar is great! Good picture, good sound (when it’s on!). The course was good, the best presenter is Partha, I did place trades and there was no problem.


Best regards



Forex Course


They are really helpful and friendly.

Loved the course and lucky to be in this course.

John is the best presenter ever met.



FX Training

John and Saira did a fantastic job.

Can’t wait to get started in trading.

Thanks so much John!





All good, love it.

The more I attend, the more I understand. I can’t wait for it to click 100% and I start moving forward both mentally and pip wise.

Thanks guys!



Forex Bootcamp with David and Joe


Presenters are awesome. David & Joe are the best couple. They give everything they can, answer all questions with so much patience. The give their “all”. Their previous experience as brokers etc is the best information and background as trader coaches. I’m very sad that the course is over. I really enjoy their courses and look forward to the next!




FX Course


Thank you John for being a great presenter!! 10/10

Good balance – keep it like it is!

Appreciate the friendly help/support of all staff!



Forex Course Sydney

Hi there

I cannot fault this course.

Best training I have been on!





Ultimate Forex Course


Both presenters displayed comfortable knowledge in their topics.

Joey  is very personable who relates very well to his students, senses understanding well and has infectious enthusiasm.

Saira demonstrated in depth knowledge and concern about trader psychology pointing out necessary behavior to change outcome.



Graduate Wealth Building Day


Excellent information and reminder.

Both presenters done a great job! It was very interesting, I have learnt a lot and got my optimism back.



Wealth Building Day

Hi Saira and Joey,


I just wanted to say thanks to you both for a good day yesterday at the “Wealth Building Day”.  I found it to be a useful addition to the 2 day course, and it has helped my learning to progress further.  Hopefully, I will get my trading account into the black very soon.


Take care.


Kind regards....Nigel