Friday, 28 September 2012


Good morning Emmanuel,


With this email I want to let you know that I enjoyed the 3-days course of this week. Thank you for that. I have learned a lot and keep on learning. Next period I will work more on my strategies and trade on that.


Best regards from Holland,




Updates on my trading

Hi Emmanuel,


I hope you are doing well.


How's your musics and trading going?


I wanted to thank you  as you really have put me on the right tracks.


My trading has been going very well since february. I am very relaxed about it. I have become very disciplined and patient, two aspects of my personality that were non existent a year ago.


I have decided to take part in the Platinium Program in order to secure another income.


Once again, thank you for you advices and the good vibe you spread.






Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Crude Oil

Hi Tom,


Just a quick note. good news. After years of crude oil whooping my ass I am happy to say I have humbled the beast! The course has helped me so much I cannot tell you. Where there was confusion before there is clarity. I seem to know when and why the price is moving.


Hope you are well and trading happily,






Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Forex course Sydney



Upon 2 days training sessions with Grant, I felt more confident than before while doing forex trading. I've earned 70% over my initial investment within 4 months after the training. I've been doing trading since last year and never really got the formal technical training until this April. Grant's training is very useful especially for new traders. If you think you are a disciplined person with some spare money,  passionate about forex trading, I would like to recommend it to you as your first step on forex trading. Just need to remember the most important thing: risk control ahead of any trading. The more you would earn, the more you would possibly lose in the meantime.



Ultimate Forex course 22 Sept 2012


John is very engaging, passionate, open and genuine.

Thoroughly enjoyed the event!

Thank you J



UFX Sydney 22/23 September

John is a great presenter! Your company has a great asset in having him, helpful, personable, friendly and knowledgeable!


More Brisbane events please!!!!!



HI Grant,


This is Stephen, It was amazing after coaching with you on 13 Sep. Following your instruction, I only had 3 trading but earn 70 points by sniper in last week. i think i found the way to trade now





Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Big Thank-You!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at K2A.  I can't praise you enough for being so accommodating and supportive of me.  I feel very privilege to be associated with you and the organization. 



Thursday, 20 September 2012

Risk Reduction

One profound element you have brought to my attention, was that of risk reduction, while letting profits run. I have been aware of this concept for some time, however was struggling to incorporate this in my K2A sniper strategy. I know now it was about me resisting and not wanting to take a risk in trying new things. I figured the 1 to 1 reward risk ratio would do me just fine, that I would master this, and patience will get me there in the end. Funny as it is, but I am the least patient person I know! 
You also touched on issues of trusting and believing in my trading success. Since joining K2A, my belief in my trading success has grown incredibly, however there are moments that my trading is affected by my stupid lapse of greed and hunger for money, and yes I pay the price!!!! There are many lessons I have learnt from this trading experience, and I trust myself that this will not happen again. 
Early days I know, but the beautiful thing about this style of trading for me was the risk free trade opportunity that existed in a very short amount of time. It gave me a great sense of relief knowing that I was in control of risk reduction. What I also gained from this was that my focus was on risk management as opposed to profits gained in money. Trading this style has HUGE psychological benefits for me.  Focusing on mastering the management of a trade, is so much healthier than focusing on the money, and I can see the potential for greater success in my trading.  


JP-USD Trade

Exciting news last night  I made 86 on JP.USD trade   64 pips on a sniper and 30 pips on another sniper and lost 15pips on a sniper I shouldn’t of taken.  I think a total of 165 pips exciting. I am aiming for the 200 pips. Lots of action/ good set ups last night.


A better feeling.




My Journey with K2A

The voyage I started with Knowledge to Action last July has changed my life. From the very first weekend immersion course I knew that Forex was going to be my future and I also knew that Knowledge to Action was going to be THE training company to help me achieve this dream. Having been so impressed with the delivery and content of the pre-course and Ultimate Forex immersion weekend, I joined the Ultimate Wealth programme with very little hesitation. It is a serious financial investment that cannot be taken lightly but when you look at the bigger picture and realise a) what you are getting for your money and b) the potential that awaits you, me and all of us in the Forex market, it really wasn’t a difficult decision. Running my own business and having a schedule last year that wasn’t conducive to regular daily trading was something of a concern for me, but I soon realised that with the UW program comes ultimate flexibility in how fast you complete the program. How quick you progress in this business is totally down to the individual. It’s not a race and requires time and commitment, but many of the trading strategies that you learn in the beginning and later in the Master Trader courses leave you with a portfolio of wealth making opportunities to suit everyone’s timescales and commitments. The biggest requirement you need is an appetite to learn and earn!


The staff at Knowledge to Action are fantastic. They are always extremely friendly, happy, professional, encouraging and ready to help at any time. The whole process works extremely smoothly. From the courtesy phone calls before courses, to the down to earth relationships with traders and trader coaches on the trading floor and training room, you are always treated with respect and friendliness so that you continually feel a part of something special and part of a special family. I cannot compliment Lauren and her UW team enough for their organisation and implementation and for always making sure that training courses run smoothly and without hitches. Both Jay and Partha have been trader coaches that throughout my time on this voyage to date, have continuously given me an incredible insight into the Forex business as a whole and into the personal qualities and development that is required to become a professional, consistent and successful trader. I’m still a long way off from gaining that title, but the effort you put into the understanding of these concepts at an early stage will have a profoundly positive effect on your trading career further down the track. Partha is an incredibly humane and knowledgable person who always demonstrates amazing levels of patience and encouragement on the training courses and bootcamps. The message he delivers time and time again is consistent and there for all to benefit from.     


One of the brilliant features of the UW program is the ability to be able to repeat any of the training courses at any time during your year. Repeating the courses and bootcamps is incredibly beneficial in driving home core principles as well as giving you the chance to always learn something new each and every time. Even if you can’t get to the training office when you need to, the provision of live streaming means that there is absolutely no excuse not to benefit from repeating courses in the comfort of your own home! Sharing trading experiences and problems with other novice traders and with the trader coaches is another valuable tool in the development process. Having access to additional courses and other events at no extra charge also adds to the great value of this feature packed program.


In essence, the UW program is a fantastic introduction to a fascinating business and career, one which has an unlimited earning potential for those who want it enough and are prepared to make it happen. The Knowledge to Action Ultimate Wealth program is without a shadow of a doubt the right key for unlocking the mystery and providing the stepping stone and support you need to approach this opportunity with confidence and with open eyes. It will shave years off your learning curve. If you want the opportunity of unlimited wealth….then get with the Ultimate Wealth program! Thank you K2A.



Unlimited Wealth

Knowledge To Action has provided me with an excellent introduction to Forex Trading. The training courses and personalised coaching sessions have been invaluable in teaching the theory, consolidating the learning, and then personalising and tailoring the education to my own goals. The coaching staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and are generous in sharing their expertise and providing tailored support and direction.

I would highly recommend the Unlimited Wealth course to anyone who is seeking to learn to trade Forex and become a successful trader.





The presenters were great and Partha was very funny at times. Joe’s enthusiasm to trading was brilliant!


You guys are extremely friendly & very approachable.


Thank you for the great service!



Great job, put in the work and this works!!


I am up 30% over last 3 weeks.


Always learn something new to helping quality of trades!



Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This weeks trading..



Trading this week starting out amazingly. I was near 10% up by Wednesday night... Sadly the market went crazy on Wednesday night and Thursday, so much so that I was knocked back to zero!

Today has come together well though, I got a little over zealous on Wednesday but I learnt a lot from that and am looking forward to gaining more experience and knowledge from the courses!






Most Improved Trader

I was talking to someone who was considering joining Learn to Trade and the advice I gave was, know yourself, know why you are getting into the programme, know what you want out of the programme and then decide whether it is right for you. It is not a get rich scheme and it is not gambling, it has to do with strategy and risk management.

I won the award for most improved trader in 2012 because I made about 2300 pips in one month. I am extremely happy with that and with my progress.



Trading Programme

What attracted you to Learn to Trade’s trading programme?

I wanted to join Learn to Trade because of the credibility and because I wanted to learn from traders who actually trade.


What have been the benefits of the programme?

The benefits of the programme for me have been reflected in the award I won for Highest Monthly return in 2012, I still don’t believe that happened and I am really grateful for the opportunity.


Other benefits are being able to experience the trading environment, the coaching and being exposed to so many different styles of trading and personalities. You can really find your own style that you are comfortable with. The support you receive when you are having both good and bad times trading is invaluable. I am having a great time!!  The money I paid for this course was the best money I have ever spent.


What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt so far?

It doesn’t matter how much money you have in your account, it is important to keep your emotional account topped up. For me it wouldn’t have been possible to get where I am without the environment that Learn to Trade provides.


What would you say to someone who was thinking in joining Learn to Trade?

I would say just go for it!



Review by Awla S

I went to the National Achievers Congress in 2011 where Greg Secker was speaking. He inspired me really and since I've joined his programme I've really had positive months, every month, doing really, really well.

Trading Forex I can be there 100% for the kids, but also earn a good living at the same time. If you're willing to take the time to learn and have the discipline to apply the rules, then this is a great opportunity for any mum.



David M

“For the first Flying Trader, at the end when I squared everything off I’d made about £16,000”

“Today I made £1000 but started from being down about £9000. I halved my risk and if I had stayed with risking the 1% I would have been up £20,000”

“I am very happy where I’ve ended up”


Testimonial from David M

Testimonial Quotes David M

‘I enjoy the atmosphere in the trading room and the commentary that you get from the trading coaches, which is beneficial in seeing what they think of the market and I’ve made pretty good money from the two sessions. In addition to the money it also helps you improve as a trader and it is for a worthwhile cause so overall it is a really positive experience. ‘

‘Net I’m up £10,000’

‘I am on the unlimited wealth programme and I heard about it, it seemed like an additional day to get all day coaching effectively and it’s for a good cause and I enjoy coming here so it was an easy decision to make’

‘I like the online web resources that you get, the weekly recorded messages on the Wednesday are fabulous for a learning experience, seeing how traders switch through the asset classes to see what is worthwhile and what is not because time management is half of the battle. ‘

‘Finding an efficient way of finding opportunities is very beneficial and having the support of coaches who are very approachable and you have access to the whole trading floor. ‘

‘People have different styles and there’s enough exposure to work out what is going to work for you. You need to know what your personality is as a trader and find trading strategies consistent with that otherwise it won’t work. This gives you the best possible opportunity to find what works for you, that is why it is a good programme.’

‘apart from making the money on the first flying trader, (the highlight) is getting market confidence and to think that with a bit more progression it is something I could do as my career. So once I get to a point where it becomes a sustainable income generation mechanism, I can rearrange my life and not work for a living as an employee.’

‘I see traders consistently making 1 or 2% or more a day and that clearly translates into an income which is more than adequate and much more than I am currently earning as an employee’

‘If you have an interest in it and you are passionate about it, there is no reason why you can’t succeed in this field’

‘My trading results to that point were patchy at best so I went along to the free seminar to see if I could learn something new and it appealed to me. It has the whole package of support here and I think it is worthwhile. I have made my money back already and it has paid itself off.’


Monday, 17 September 2012

Thank you Saira!

Hi there


Just to let you know that my trading account has gone from $5,000 to $6,033.31 in the first week.


I did 115 trades 

The whole time your voice was in my head, repeating your words of wisdom

just take your glass of water, don't be greedy, stick to your plan,

so thank you so much for your inspiration





Sunday, 16 September 2012

Forex course in North Sydney



Both presenters had very different approaches but both delivered messages brilliantly and enthusiastically – thank you!


DVD’s were a great pre curser but as a total novice I would have benefited from some initial glossary or explanation of basic principles and terminology.


Thanks, David


Forex course in Sydney

Saira and Joseph rock!!!! Watching the DVD’s confused me and was concerned if the course was right for me. Being in the classroom makes a huge difference. The presenters, again, are awesome. Lauren, fantastic housekeeping and food!!




Ultimate Forex



Presentation flowed really well. Lots of opportunity for ineraction and lots of fun. Lots of quizzes, was really good. Loved it – feel empowered!



Forex Course - Sydney

Saira’s style is very user friendly. Her coaching and psychology style has a lot of depth to it, high quality. Using the actual eSignal screens and not the book examples was a MAJOR plus. Very good!!


Loved it!

Service was helpful at all times. Loved it. Changed my life!




FX Course Brisbane

Loved the course. Most inspiring. Fantastic to meet people in this sector who are currently trading, but also have the time and inclination to teach. The humility of the presenter was outstanding.




I am going to be a fantastic bounce trader!!!!

Hi Saira,


I just wanted to thank you for a great two days in Brisbane.  My brain is still spinning with all the information and how I am going to use it.  You explain everything in plain, simple terms perfectly.


I have no doubt that this is for me and I am going to be a fantastic bounce trader.  I am going to come to Sydney for my coaching sessions and I am doing the Brisbane bootcamp next month. Theres going to be no stopping me!


I am assuming you won't read this until tomorrow as today is Monday!!!


Once again, thank you for everything.


Kind Regards




Thank you

Dear Saira,

I am one of the participants from the two-day course you lectured over the weekend. First of all, I would like to thank you for the perfect job done and also for your enthusiasm.


Although my enthusiasm was there, my body was really tired. On Sunday you caught me being a bit spacy as you asked a question - I did actually know the answer but physically I was really tired. We drove through the night (could not find any flight we could take to be in the Hunter Valley for a morning funeral) and got in at our property at four in the morning.

Throughout the journey in the back on my mind I was drawing steps and "P1"

and "P2", checking for agreement, etc., and my confidence grew even more as I drove.


What this long story means that in spite of being really worn out, you managed not only to motivate me but actually got all the good stuff into my head! I think you did a fantastic job and thank you very much for that.

Although I entered this course thinking of FOREX as one of my diversifications, the two days also made me seriously reconsider this.I realize that from hereon it is up to us and I intend to do the best.


Thank you again,





Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Unlimited Wealth

I started trading with Knowledge to Action in UK three years ago, trading shares.  I have consistently made 5% growth per month on my account since then .   I started foreign exchange trading with K2A and moved to Sydney to complete the Unlimited Wealth program four months ago and my revenues have increased significantly.   On both of the Master Trader Boot Camps I attended in April 2012, I achieved growth of over 6% in a day and I am now achieving growth of 20% a month.  I cannot fault the Knowledge to Action team; they are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly.  K2A has given me a new focus and career and has genuinely changed my life.







The Fibonacci course that you taught 2 weeks ago is like a glue that brought everything that you have taught me together. I started to see so much more now. For the first time I could see the relationship between daily, 4 hourly, hourly and 5 minute charts. Straight after the course I have already realised the importance of what you have taught. I started to see very good price action both phase 1 and phase 2 and traded my account in the first week to wonderful results. With more practice, I am getting much better at selecting safe entry positions and avoiding loss when things start to turn. My results are starting to show as you would expect. Thank you so much for teaching such an in depth knowledge and presenting it in a way that produces immediate impact on my skills. I am sure I will have more good news from my results in the near future.


Thanks and regards,



New Trader Testimonial

Started live trading on Monday, just on Snipers. I was surprise that all my preparation went out the window very quickly. First trade on Monday stopped out but I believe I followed the rules except 4hourly was in Phase2. Adjusted rules to make sure that 4hourly is in Phase1 before entering.


Next trade on Tuesday, same pair, been watching for 4hourly to move into phase 1 all day, took the trade and exit at TP 1:3 reward. Very excited.


Then for some reason, I went crazy. Traded 6 times in a row straight after my winning trade and wiped out all my profits. Thank God that the risk reward was 1:3, so I was back at square one.


Today much calmer after a turbulent night last night. Went back to the rules and traded with 4hourly in Phase 1 as well and exited at TP. Hit my 500pips/3.2% profit for the week. Taking the rest of the week off to reflect on my first live trading week.





PS Your rules are a life saver. Now just have to master IG as well.

Coaching Sessions



Just wanting to say thank you for all the additional tips you have provided me during our coaching session. In particular your strategy of just stripping out all the indicators and just looking at both the “prevailing trend, identifying trend reversals and MACD reinforces the key themes that were taught in the Ultimate Forex Course. Your knowledge towards technical charting  in particular the pivots and snapback strategies have been very insightful hence why my both my pivot and snapback trades this week has been 100% successful, 4 out of 4 for pivots and 4 out of 4 for pivots.




Happy Graduate


Really pleased thus far with your coaching efforts and your excellent communication skills and excellent manner.

You have also been really helpful and responsive to our follow up questions for which we are most grateful at such a green time for us in forex.

Kind regards


60% in just a month!

I am excited to let you know that trading is working really well for me.  Last night I had 10 winning trades (all trades sizes were 1% as well) with approx 15% profit on the account. 


Overall my account is almost 60% in profit…. in only a month as well.


Thanks for your help.




Some love for Partha - Australian Trader Coach!


Reflecting on the last 2 days I so appreciate what I learn each time you are teaching. It is beginning to sink in. You make such a difference to my understanding. Thank you for having a commitment to teaching me and others. You are awesome at this trading game.

Warm Regards,


Profitable trades

My last 10 trades, all were profitable. Of my last 20, 15 were profitable. Over the past week my success has been 100%.

Much thanks to you!

Regards, James




Danielle Gunning / Event & Unlimited Wealth Manager

Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE  

( AUSTRALIA: 02 8412 6019 or 0425 404 014

:  SKYPE: k2a.eventmanager

- AUSTRALIA: Suite 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060




Knowledge to Action Pty Ltd (ACN:138178542, AFSL:339557) will only provide you with general advice, not personal advice.  That means, we will not take into account your personal objectives, financial situations or needs, even if they are known.  Accordingly, the advice may not be appropriate for you.  We may provide general advice regarding trade size, the level of margin needed and risk management techniques appropriate for our trading strategies.  You should obtain professional advice and ensure you read and consider the appropriate offer or disclosure document before trading or acting upon any general advice provided.


Forex Bootcamp

Since I did Boot Camp finished 2 weeks ago, I have made 843 pips profit in trades, and 38 pips loss. That is a net profit of 805 pips. I have made these mainly from Income Generator, and Sniper and a couple of Snap Backs.   The day after Bootcamp was the first time I traded with a Live account, and I have not use my Dem Account since!  I have been keeping my volume per pip small – less than the 1%, to minimize my risk while I am still learning, so this means that I have not earned heaps of $$$ yet, but am gaining confidence and not making losses. The main benefit I found from Boot Camp, in addition to the increased confidence, was actually understanding the reasons for placing (or not placing) a trade, and the information to enable me to assess each situation, evaluate it and make an informed decision, based on formation that I have learned.





Taking the bull by the horns.

Greetings Saira,

Thought you might like to know that your encouragement has shown some fruit.  Many thanks.  We made some trades last week that resulted in pips and took the bull by the horns yesterday and placed some trades live.

I think we were being too diligent in applying the ‘rules’.  With some discomfort we have slackened off. 

Glenys and Anne


A practical learner!

Dear Partha


Thank you for your time on the Bootcamp of 4 and 5 October. I have learned so much and am really fired up for the rest of the MasterTrader courses to follow.


In the remainder of the week, just following some of your ideas and applying this to my trading plan, I have had the best week in more than two months. As a result I have drastically reduced the amount of trades taken and over 300 pips made. I feel that the journey is now well under way and I look forward to continued interaction with the team.


Once again, thank you


Best regards 



Coaching feedback

I am extremely happy having David as my coach and mentor.  Having David read my trading plan and ask me questions about it got me even more excited and showed that he is interested in my story and where I want to go.  David made me feel at ease during the sessions I have had and I feel that our personalities are similar.  David will not have to motivate me, even though his mere presence does have this affect, but instead he will have to guide and mould an ambitious and driven student (me) on the path of success which I am more than confident he will do. 


I have already stated that I wish to continue with the support of K2A with David as my mentor to help me achieve my goal of getting to the point where I can trade full time and pay myself a enough to cover the mortgage.


With regards to K2A Australia so far, the support structure is great and the people are wonderful to have around, such a positive environment.  The ultimate forex course wets the appetite, the learning is taken to a whole new level with the mentor, which has helped build my confidence.  The more online video sessions I watch I learn more and can apply this information when I look at the charts on my own.  I see this as the beginning of a long and fruitful journey where I will achieve my goals and I will have K2A support along the way.


I am very happy thus far, and I’m sure that David will have a lot of success training people like me



Ultimate Forex Graduate

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my thankfulness to Grant Shi, the Chinese professional trader on the floor.
Grant Shi is my coach. After I finished my two-day Ultimate Forex Course, I was confused about a few concepts and relevant strategies. When I took my first coaching session with Grant, things became much more clear.  He was very patient and had always been answering my questions. Besides, he is keen in trading and has his way to make loads of money. Most importantly,  he would love to share his life and trading experience with me, which is really helpful for my career development.
He is really a great and brilliant coach and I want to show my gratefulness to him. I am so happy to have him as my coach. Thanks Grant and Knowledge to Action.
Kind regards,
Ultimate Forex Course customer


Ultimate Forex course

Wow, what a mind blowing week-end, in all my years of attending such presentations, I have never had one that comes anywhere near like this one. The personal follow through with all team members devotion, commitment and enthusiasm, with attendees invited to participate in a one on one coaching and advanced courses tailored so students are assured to maximize on their new acquired skills, hone in on more safe trades and above all D I S C I P L I N E.....


I am yet to learn how to fly e-signal. Today I am buying  a larger lap top as my small one can’t display the chart patterns with clarity, so I may not have to worry Robert again. My sincere thanks to Anna for the DVD’s in advance,  which was very timely, as I noted on Thurs arvo, your “Activator” bar was identical to what I refer to as, a key reversal day or week  --- when the price has over extended   (up or down). Normally, I would have pondered a day or two, prior to in this case buying Put Options --- But your strong “Activator” gave me the confidence I needed. Hence, hopefully they shall generate a nice profit.


Best wishes,



To whom it may concern,


I firstly want to thank Knowledge to Action for their service and superior Ultimate Forex program, I am seeing fantastic results and am actively promoting this program. The attention to service and support has been more than satisfying. Being part of 21st Century Academy, I am more than pleased to pass on inside experience as a promotional tool to prompt action steering others toward a sign up. I believe in your program.


I appreciate the time, effort, energy and detail that inevitably enhances it's continual and professional growth. I have found Lauren's and James' assistance, professional manner, expertise and patience (cause I'm sure clients at times test these qualities!) exceptional and they have delivered with no less than with grace and a smile. Any query, question and concern I might have had, a solution and resolve has followed much within an expected time. This is a service many could use to enhance reputation and results for any companies growth. The value and respect given consistently, professionally and without any question is rare and deserves to be acknowledged, supported and compensated by any that is fortunate to have these two as members of any team. Knowledge to Action is blessed to have staff such as these.

I thank them.


I thank you for your time.


Warmest regards




Trading Psychology

Hi Saira,
I just watched your midweek market focus and it reminded me of the session we spent together.
I want to thank you for spending the time and assisting me with developing a trading persona.
My trading persona is a mix of Greg Secker and Quentin Bryce (Australia's Governor-General)
I work daily to build the strength of my Super Trader and I step into my persona before each trading session.
I have several power statements I use every day. To help put me in the zone


I am now a profitable Master Forex Trader and I expect to make profits -that is why I trade.


I would like to acknowledge

Jordan for his incredible patience in insisting on written trading rules, documentation and consistent action
Yourself, Saira for helping me find my Trading Persona and being able to focus on the job at hand rather than my inadequacies


The Grand Master Partha who managed to teach me to see the wider picture, price action, and gave me the belief to trade what I see not what I think.


Thanks so much




The Euro

Hi Partha,


Hope you haven't forgotten me; all you have shown me is constantly in my mind. I must thank you for the excellent manner in which you have helped me and the professional manner in which you have represented Knowledge to Action. I think it is time for a brief recap on what I have been up to since our last private session you kindly organised after the boot camp in July thank you.


I have concentrated on the study of just the EUR-USD until I understand more of how this all works. For the last two months this pair has ranged between approx. 1.4000 & 1.4700, that is 700 pips to play with and I feel if a man can't make a little $ or two out of that then he should give the game away or stick to chess.


To be honest I have to confess I have not really focused on Income Generators, Snipers, Pivots or Snapbacks. At this stage I have focused on my study of the Euro to try and figure out the relationships between Momentum, different Trading Times, Parthas' Lines & Fibonacci Retracement. I have also traded small amounts to build my understanding of how all that works and have experimented with things like trailing stops and setting limits to take planned profit. Trading with a small account introduces another whole set of limitations I have learnt about also.


It has been a very rocky road but the net result is I now usually pick up 30--50 pips per day on the Euro when I trade on an intraday basis, ( unfortunately I have not been able to trade every day because of other commitments ) but my little $300 account is now $3,000 and I feel happy about that.


Best Regards



'The Ev Trade'


Thought you may be interested - I have been trading (in sim) "The Ev Trade" - your combination of the Snap Back and 20 Bounce.

I know it's early days - only been trading it for 4 days - but the early signs are heartening.  So far +250 pips for 9.2%. And four of my loses (which equalled -4%) were my fault!!

Thanks again.



Fundamentals in Forex

Hello Partha


Thank you so very much for an excellent presentation yesterday afternoon; it certainly gave an important overview of what actually happens before price action is affected on our computer screens. A few more pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of the whole picture, to use an analogy.


Your effort is much appreciated in presenting a difficult subject matter so lucidly. This is really great. Many thanks Partha.


After assimilating this new information over the next couple of weeks would it be possible to book a 1:1 session with you to reinforce this scenario relative to the technical aspect of Forex trading? I can arrange this with Lauren perhaps sometime in the new financial year if that is possible.


Thanks again, Partha. It is always  great being in your classes at K2A!


With Best Regards





Getting back on track.



Wow, what a change in success since your instruction..... I am amazed !!!!   I have been following what you said to the letter, and have been successful for 20 pips snipers on 5 positions with 1 loss, so am ahead this week already by 4% plus have 4 Income Generators well in profit at the moment, (AUDNZD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, CHFJPY)  so I can only say, thank you, thank you, for getting me back on track!


Kind Regards



Starting to see the results!

Hi Partha,


Since the first money making day I had with you in May, I still took some time to get my head around the application of the rules of excellence that you taught me. I think I have got the hang of it now and have incorporated exactly what you have taught me into my everyday trading rules.


I have been making very positive returns on my account for the past 4 weeks consistently. This is the first time I have seen positive return in weeks in a consistent manner since the beginning of the year and this feels like a Turning Point for my trading. There is no doubt that I could not have achieved this without your advice. So thank you so very much and looking forward seeing you next time.





Learning progress...

Hi K2A


Thanks for a great midweek market focus presentation - I learnt a lot, especially that candlestick reversal patterns set up support & resistance levels that are adhered to later, and can be used as potential entry & exit points. I knew of these patterns but didn't realise their power lasted well into the future!


I watched the webinar last night, and it really opened my eyes. I got up early this morning (5am!) because I was thinking about these patterns and couldn't sleep, and I spent 2.5 hours finding them all over my charts! Now I'm seeing them everywhere, and I can see how they tell stories of their own. I can also see how analyzing all timeframes (from macro to micro) in this way can really give clarity about direction (or lack of it). For now I am making notes on my charts as I observe these patterns until they become second nature and I won't have to make notes. This process is also helping me in the process of prevention of incorrect entries, which as you know has been one of my weaknesses. I am so determined to have all correct trade entries! 


Many thanks again


Kind regards




Hi GrantAfter your online coaching the other day, I observed Australian dollar and Japanese yen, and drew lines as you taught. After an hour I placed the order, shorted AUD and longed JPY. Since JPY still had more space to go up, I took a risk to long more JPY, and won at the point 80.45. On the following day, I bought JPY at 80.08 with the high at 80.51. I won 37 pits on JPY and 122 pits on AUDtotally 159 pits in one day! I am super happy! I want to share the joy with you. It was all because of your guidance. Thanks so much for helping me to get rid of the confusion for so many days. I really profit more from one consultation with you than from ten years of reading. You can share my testimonial to other students on seminars, I believe it will be very convincing.I wish you happiness.


Your students: Qi!



Thank you



I just wanted to say thank you for your help so far. It's great to have some support.


You're not just helping me change my career path, your helping me change my life. I have always worked in the construction industry and never been happy. I was there because I didn't know how to do anything else but I didn't enjoy it and I always felt like a square peg in a round hole. I didn't even know I was unhappy untill I recently hit the lowest time of my life and have been there for about 6 months.


10 minutes into a DVD I watched of a Knowledge To Action free seminar I knew I had found the square hole I've been looking for.


I know I have a long way to go but I also know that with your help up untill now and the help I will seek from you in the future, I will make a new life around Forex trading. So for that I am grateful both to you, Joseph, personally and to the  Knowledge To Action team.


So from myself and my daughter, who will also benefit from this, a heartfelt thankyou and I WILL succeed at this, if for no other reason than to return the favour to you and give you some satisfaction for the time you've invested in me.






Graduate Results

Well after 3 months playing live accounts, I have managed to increase my account by 24.9% which I am over the moon about.  The last month was a slower one for me due to work commitments as I was averaging about 10% per month for the first two months.  But considering most people are happy if the make 6-10% per annum, I must say I am pretty happy (I am focusing on the % increase as opposed to the $ value increase as my account started with $10k so $2.5k over 3 months doesn’t sound as impressive!!!).





Successful Graduate

Hey Jordan,


You may recall I suggested to my mate Paul to start trading…..he trusted me and signed up for the course….since then we spend a fair bit of time together trading….and discussing trading…he has come to my house regularly and watches me trade and I go over and over the strategies and the set ups I am looking for. He has now been trading (just demo) for just over 6 weeks…..this week 17% profit (IG’s and counting)


I had a couple of mates go thru the course on the weekend just gone….and they are just as keen as well


My point is….there is a lot of negative things on the net…I also loved Jays response to some of the negative replies to the mid week market focus…..but….as you know if you put the effort in and follow the rules…this stuff works…and there are people like me and my friends that are truly grateful to you and Jay (and the other trainers Rick and Partha) who have helped/helping us understand the market.


We are all still rookies but really enjoying the learning process…and appreciate your time and effort you have put into us…I wanted to let you know it is paying dividends


Take care mate and have a good weekend….keep up the good work…might see you next week





Love to our trader coaches!

I would just like to thank you again for the training on Friday. I learnt so much from the way you set up the charts. The way you set up the back testing and finding the snapbacks and 50 bounces and generally just putting me on track to succeed at this. I have been looking at the charts again today and I realised that I am seeing the whole thing differently and with a lot more clarity. Hopefully this will be translated to better results from now on. I appreciate your time and efforts. You are an excellent teacher.





One happy trader



Thank you immensely for sharing your insights & trading knowledge during my first money making day Jun 2011. I did learn a lot. You have cleared up many questions & concerns I had, little things which aren't easy to ask in front of as large class - it's all becoming clearer - and easier now. I can now see being: selective, having patience, daily perseverance, & less trading can be more (quality not quantity) - all these combined will ensure my trading success. Many new traders do Over-trade - no more of that for me.


Again thank you very much. Looking forward to our next day - where I will be ready to go & 161 times more confident.







Ultimate Forex Checklist

I am so excited and wanted to share this with you.  I just checked my account and noticed the two trades I put in this morning came to a profit of $440.  I know this is a very small amount however being my initial few trades using your checklists makes me believe that the K2A boot camp works!!!! J Sounds silly however I am so delighted.  Theresa



Thank you!!!!!

Good day


I have attended the Ultimate forex course over the weekend . May I just say thank you ,first of all for Robert for helping me late on Friday afternoon to help me set up Esignal. He gave new meaning to the word customer service. Thank you for your patience and commitment to help me, I really appreciated it Robert!!


Then also a big thank you in general, for the hospitality , kind support and interest in every single person over the two days .


Our family has emigrated to New Zealand about 18 months ago. With the big move we have lost almost everything that we have built up over the years. In the process we have lost more than money and friends. That is a huge thing to overcome and not something you can ever explain to someone else. I would like to specially thank John, not just as a vey good presenter , but more important for the way that he has encourage us to focus and to fight for what could make a difference in our life's. He is honestly interested in more than money and gave me personally new reasons to find the purpose in life , which I sadly lost over the last year and a half. John thank you very much for making a difference. I hope I will become one of the profitable master traders .


Thank you to all of you for reaching out . I will make use of your helping hand to get started. Specially after coming back last night and switching on the computer this morning.


Kind regards





Sniper and Pivot trades

Thank you very much for the coaching call yesterday. 


Thank you for the insight on sniper and pivot trades.


I took 3 trades and all of them were successful trades last night. 





Successful Past Trades



Thanks very much for your efforts today/tonight.


By the way, both of those trades reached target, GBPJPY 20.1 pips, USDCHF 20.1 pips, for a total yield of $1081.53 and 2%.





First consistent month of trading




Good News...    


I have Just completed the Most Successful Trading Month of my Brief Career.   (Taken Longer than I would have liked, but finally achieved a whole month of consistent winners)

I'm very happy with the results especially as they came after, forcing myself to look for new trade setups every weekday, rather than just when i was in the Mood.


If Next Months results are similar I will have meet my Personal Goal Criteria for Attending your Master Trader course.


I'm aware i'm probably progressing a lot slower than some of your other students, but i feel I've needed the time to ensure i'm successful long-term, unlike those after the "quick fix"


I'm only 25 after all,  got all the time in the World  :)



Best Regards






Thanks a ton Partha.


I got Excellent training yesterday as always.


Placed two trades last night on GBPJPY and GBP and so far have made 126 pips. Managing stops right now.






Ultimate Forex Course

Hi Gang – Thanks for the great weekend and the organization of all things to make the training enjoyable. I really appreciate the effort that went in to make our time there as effective and informative as possible. Fabulous system and now moving forward to a much brighter future. Thank you. One challenge however as I am trying to get into the coaching area to book my coaching sessions but it tells me “I do not have access to the coaching calendar”. Can we get this sorted out please as I want to maintain my momentum and keep moving forward. Thanks for your assistance.


Cheers J




Brisbane UFX

Hi Anna,


Thank you so much to all K2A Staff for the excellent seminar over the weekend.


Special thanks to you for allowing me to re-take the course in the first place, to Saira for the enormous part she played in trying to get everything across to such a large number of people at various stages of FX education, to Danielle for her sparkling personality and zest for engaging with people and to Andrew for always being there to encourage the next stages in the process (also very engaging). As I said to you at the event I believe it is imperative that the administrative team attends these events; the HR element is essential part of the connectivity and it’s important for us to know who we’re connecting with.


I was able to speak with several other members of the team (Jai, John, another Andrew, James) and found them all to exceedingly encouraging. If I have left anyone out, please consider it an unintentional oversight. This is an extremely good organisation trying to encourage people to take individual financial responsibility. I for one am very grateful for that given the predicament I find myself in at my time of life.


Finally, could you please confirm the dates for the Brisbane Bootcamp as 17/18 Oct 12? I am certain these dates are correct as they were advertised many times in many places. Notwithstanding, I am attempting to arrange my training calendar trying to ensure that I don’t double-book or overload when I’m experiencing all-day training.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kind Regards,                                                                             ,