Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bootcamp 14-15 November

Thank you very much.

I appreciate the time and openness you shared with us.

Appreciate the life skills that this also includes in the process.




Excellent! They made it fun too!

Very positive so far, I just wish I lived closer to take advantage of the coaching and facilities here at K2A.



Bootcamp 14/15 November


Some aspects of the course seemed to move too quickly for me especially when I miss the beginning of the subject/concept.

I enjoy Forex Trading and I consider K2A is a very good organization to teach trading. The course detail is good and the trainers and staff are patient, very capable and friendly.




Great, looking forward to a good year!

I had to play catch up but I found after the first day I was a much better trader.

I got what I expected, hands on was great.




Bootcamp 14-15 Nov 2012

I attended Bootcamp 14-15 Nov 12.

Very glad I made it here and definitely will help on taking my trading from very, very, very beginner up one more level. I appreciate Joe and Partha help and expertise, very impressed.

It wasn’t all new info, but re-inforcement as well. However, many small comments/tips are going to make all the difference.

Phil McPhee

P.S Was only doing discretionary trades before Bootcamp (with mixed success). Now feel more confident on implementing strategies taught on Ult Forex Course.