Thursday, 20 September 2012

Risk Reduction

One profound element you have brought to my attention, was that of risk reduction, while letting profits run. I have been aware of this concept for some time, however was struggling to incorporate this in my K2A sniper strategy. I know now it was about me resisting and not wanting to take a risk in trying new things. I figured the 1 to 1 reward risk ratio would do me just fine, that I would master this, and patience will get me there in the end. Funny as it is, but I am the least patient person I know! 
You also touched on issues of trusting and believing in my trading success. Since joining K2A, my belief in my trading success has grown incredibly, however there are moments that my trading is affected by my stupid lapse of greed and hunger for money, and yes I pay the price!!!! There are many lessons I have learnt from this trading experience, and I trust myself that this will not happen again. 
Early days I know, but the beautiful thing about this style of trading for me was the risk free trade opportunity that existed in a very short amount of time. It gave me a great sense of relief knowing that I was in control of risk reduction. What I also gained from this was that my focus was on risk management as opposed to profits gained in money. Trading this style has HUGE psychological benefits for me.  Focusing on mastering the management of a trade, is so much healthier than focusing on the money, and I can see the potential for greater success in my trading.  


JP-USD Trade

Exciting news last night  I made 86 on JP.USD trade   64 pips on a sniper and 30 pips on another sniper and lost 15pips on a sniper I shouldn’t of taken.  I think a total of 165 pips exciting. I am aiming for the 200 pips. Lots of action/ good set ups last night.


A better feeling.




My Journey with K2A

The voyage I started with Knowledge to Action last July has changed my life. From the very first weekend immersion course I knew that Forex was going to be my future and I also knew that Knowledge to Action was going to be THE training company to help me achieve this dream. Having been so impressed with the delivery and content of the pre-course and Ultimate Forex immersion weekend, I joined the Ultimate Wealth programme with very little hesitation. It is a serious financial investment that cannot be taken lightly but when you look at the bigger picture and realise a) what you are getting for your money and b) the potential that awaits you, me and all of us in the Forex market, it really wasn’t a difficult decision. Running my own business and having a schedule last year that wasn’t conducive to regular daily trading was something of a concern for me, but I soon realised that with the UW program comes ultimate flexibility in how fast you complete the program. How quick you progress in this business is totally down to the individual. It’s not a race and requires time and commitment, but many of the trading strategies that you learn in the beginning and later in the Master Trader courses leave you with a portfolio of wealth making opportunities to suit everyone’s timescales and commitments. The biggest requirement you need is an appetite to learn and earn!


The staff at Knowledge to Action are fantastic. They are always extremely friendly, happy, professional, encouraging and ready to help at any time. The whole process works extremely smoothly. From the courtesy phone calls before courses, to the down to earth relationships with traders and trader coaches on the trading floor and training room, you are always treated with respect and friendliness so that you continually feel a part of something special and part of a special family. I cannot compliment Lauren and her UW team enough for their organisation and implementation and for always making sure that training courses run smoothly and without hitches. Both Jay and Partha have been trader coaches that throughout my time on this voyage to date, have continuously given me an incredible insight into the Forex business as a whole and into the personal qualities and development that is required to become a professional, consistent and successful trader. I’m still a long way off from gaining that title, but the effort you put into the understanding of these concepts at an early stage will have a profoundly positive effect on your trading career further down the track. Partha is an incredibly humane and knowledgable person who always demonstrates amazing levels of patience and encouragement on the training courses and bootcamps. The message he delivers time and time again is consistent and there for all to benefit from.     


One of the brilliant features of the UW program is the ability to be able to repeat any of the training courses at any time during your year. Repeating the courses and bootcamps is incredibly beneficial in driving home core principles as well as giving you the chance to always learn something new each and every time. Even if you can’t get to the training office when you need to, the provision of live streaming means that there is absolutely no excuse not to benefit from repeating courses in the comfort of your own home! Sharing trading experiences and problems with other novice traders and with the trader coaches is another valuable tool in the development process. Having access to additional courses and other events at no extra charge also adds to the great value of this feature packed program.


In essence, the UW program is a fantastic introduction to a fascinating business and career, one which has an unlimited earning potential for those who want it enough and are prepared to make it happen. The Knowledge to Action Ultimate Wealth program is without a shadow of a doubt the right key for unlocking the mystery and providing the stepping stone and support you need to approach this opportunity with confidence and with open eyes. It will shave years off your learning curve. If you want the opportunity of unlimited wealth….then get with the Ultimate Wealth program! Thank you K2A.



Unlimited Wealth

Knowledge To Action has provided me with an excellent introduction to Forex Trading. The training courses and personalised coaching sessions have been invaluable in teaching the theory, consolidating the learning, and then personalising and tailoring the education to my own goals. The coaching staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and are generous in sharing their expertise and providing tailored support and direction.

I would highly recommend the Unlimited Wealth course to anyone who is seeking to learn to trade Forex and become a successful trader.





The presenters were great and Partha was very funny at times. Joe’s enthusiasm to trading was brilliant!


You guys are extremely friendly & very approachable.


Thank you for the great service!



Great job, put in the work and this works!!


I am up 30% over last 3 weeks.


Always learn something new to helping quality of trades!