Monday, 26 November 2012

FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Generally I had a great time.

It’s setting up an exciting future for me.

Thanks, Darin



I enjoyed not only learning the techniques, but discovering the psychology behind it. I look forward to learning more and trying out trading as much as possible.


Journey to profitable trader....

I have enjoyed my experience but realise how much more I have to learn on my journey to become a profitable trader!!!


FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Kudos to Saira. Great presenter and very approachable. She is a credit to K to A.

Very motivating and enlightening.



FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Excellent training by the teachers and trading mentors helped me out in every way they could.


Overall – Fantastic!!




FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

I received direction, information, support so its been positive for me!

Would have loved to hear some examples of success and failure of trading results.



FX 24/25 Nov Sydney

Excellent service! I made many phone calls for help in setting up and received answers instantly.

Presenters very knowledgeable and very helpful!

Overall, excellent! Couldn’t possibly ask for a greater experience.



FX 24/25 Nov Sydney

Presenter was great though need more congruence between presenter and DVD.

Very good thus far. Now it is up to me to implement!


MTBC Feedback

Everyone at every level strives to get me over the line.

I spent some time getting to the best level I could.

Very happy with my progress.




MasterTrader Bootcamp 19/20 Nov

Everything was fantastic. Thanks for answering all of my many questions.