Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blog: Kevin

Since joining Knowledge to Action it's been a bit like a journey to a new destination - lots of excitement and wondering what the path ahead will be like. The program offered by Knowledge to Action has certainly been well worthwhile, with valuable technical information and trading strategies in the course material and great support from the whole team at Knowledge to Action.

Partha and others from the trading floor are so knowledgeable and generous in making sure you have the right tools to become a good trader.

But more than that - the courses and support by the team provides important real-life context and examples that add so much value. I've just completed the three-day MasterTrader course (for the 2nd time) and I'm feeling so much more energised and in control of how I go about trading. I'm really looking forward to the Bootcamp for a further injection of action and getting it together that much more.

It's not an original thought of mine, but I read that learning to trade Forex should be treated like a 'skill for life'. I'm certainly committed to developing more and more my knowledge and skills, because I aim to be a full-time trader. If it's a skill for life, it will be life changing.

Would I recommend the program? Sure I would - if you're prepared to work hard, be open to new information and possibilities, and stick with it.

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
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Blog: Chris

The Knowledge to Action Unlimited Wealth programme is a very well thought-out trading course. Between the structured class room format courses and the flexible one on one mentoring, the Unlimited Wealth programme will equip even novice traders with the ability to handle the realities of trading through proper risk management and sound trading strategies.

Having completed an array of courses and traded various instruments over the years, I can now finally say that I can see a clear path toward full time professional trading within 12 to 18 months. My trading results have been extremely encouraging with consistent monthly account growth and I genuinely look forward to each new day on the markets

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Viv

Learning to trade Forex has become a real life journey for me...the team at K2A are such an enormous part of this journey and their dedication has been great… There has been, and continues to be a huge amount of learning for me. Without their ongoing support, encouragement and education, it is my absolute view, that my personal progress and development thus far, would not have been possible. So I wish to convey a huge "thank you" to all the team at K2A!

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Ben

As a beginner in the Forex Market with no previous experience my progress has been rapid. The Foreign Exchange Market can be a daunting place but to go through the early learning phase with experienced successful people has really built my confidence and belief that I too can succeed. The team at Knowledge to Action has been fantastic in every aspect and go out of their way to ensure you have every chance of succeeding. The material provided in the course is wide ranging and encompasses all the areas which are vital to success. The wealth of knowledge and ease of access provided to me by the course coordinators, training team and my personal coach in particular has been critical in my early improvement and I am extremely excited with what is still to come in the program.

I can thoroughly endorse Knowledge to Action from my experiences so far and now look forward to a successful future

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: John

Today when I walked out clutching my day three manual, I had the profound realisation that these manuals represent a genuine passport to wealth. I know I'm enrolled in the 'Unlimited Wealth' programme but it was really just grand words... today the potential of what we have available has finally sunk in.

It's the first time I've really grasped the reality of what is possible... the journey to financial freedom and beyond. Without money we can help others to the power of one, whereas with wealth our reach expands exponentially. There's a long way to go before then but today I really felt like the journey has started.

I know I've only just finished today's Master Trader but I'm ready to do it all again. It was just so huge and so powerful. Partha is simply brilliant ...

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Beth

It has been six months now since I signed on to undertake the biggest learning curve of my adult life. I was going back to school to become a Forex Trader!!
I knew that most degrees take at least three years so I was prepared to be learning for at least that period of time. But with the Unlimited Wealth program I now know I can fast track my learning to maybe just one year, depending on how fast I can learn and put everything into practice!!

The learning curve seemed huge at the beginning, having only ever invested in property it was all total gobble de gook to me, but I was excited and still am, the potential for creating wealth truly is unlimited. My investment of just $20,000 for the Unlimited Wealth package was a no brainer for me if it meant I could buy my very own personal coach (Jay) as well as intensive training sessions with Partha, Jordon, Evelyn, Rik and the others, that I could repeat over and over again. As an Interior Decorator working for an hourly rate myself I know that even at just $100 per hour that is only five weeks work, so I knew this was real value for money!!

With the Unlimited Wealth package I could not be happier with the service K2A provides, I have now completed the first of my Master Trader courses, and am yet to embark on my Master Trader Bootcamps, which I plan to repeat every two months. Jay, who is fantastic, has taught me so many little tricks and picked up on many of my mistakes which turned my losing trades into winners. I am thrilled to say my trading account is now 5% up!!! Which is a fantastic turn around from being 20% down on my demo account when I first started!

I love the fact that Jay is so very approachable every day by email or phone if I have questions or concerns. And if he is not available Lauren will find someone to help me. Partha has such an amazing insight into this new world (for me), his knowledge astounds me as I try to absorb every word he says during our training sessions. And Partha your wit really shines through!!! Rik I am loving the new strategies too!!

Thanks so much to all at K2A for opening this new world of Forex Trading to my husband and I, we are thoroughly enjoying our journey to Unlimited Wealth!

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Bjorn

Coming from a health professional's background, trading was an entirely new universe to me. But now it's starting to feel like home! It is remarkable how great a shift has occurred in my thinking, and beliefs about what is possible for my family's life. When I think back to the thoughts of absolute confusion when I first saw a price action chart, I have a little laugh to myself.

Through the intensive courses, Bootcamps and mentoring with my own personal coach, I have been able to place successful trades in the world's biggest market - and win! This last week I have increased my own personal trading account by 2% from just 4 trades! That is the power of Knowledge to Action, and I am not even half-way through the program. Imagine what is possible.

Without a doubt, Knowledge to Action can truly deliver on their promise. Thank you K2A!

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Dean

Thank you Knowledge to Action! I sat the Ultimate Forex Course a few months ago. My first month of trading in May I was up 2311 pips and after another great session with Partha earlier this month, i've had 21 winning trades in succession using 4 of the strategies and focusing on just a couple of currency pairs. I'm ecstatic with my progress and look forward to further sharpening my skills over the rest of the Ultimate Wealth program.

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
Knowledge to Action - Skills for a Richer Life, Come and get yours! Click HERE
( AUSTRALIA (02)84 126 000 / +61 (0) 284 126 000
- AUSTRALIA 501, 132 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
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Blog: Leanne

Hi Partha / Lauren

I am excited to let you know that trading is working really well for me.

Last night I had 10 winning trades (all trades sizes were 1% as well) with approx 15% profit on the account.

Overall my account is almost 60% in profit…. in only a month as well.

Thanks for your help.


FW: Seven straight Sniper wins on Forex Trading today 17 May 2012

Good Afternoon Adam,

I have had a Seven straight Sniper wins on Forex Trading today 17 May 2012. Thank God.

This goes to prove that your commitment through seamless coaching in persevering to train me has paid off.

Thank you a million times Adam.

Kind Regards

Yemi Adex Adeniran- Unlimited Wealth Club Member - Knowledge To Action

My expectations were far exceeded by the genuine enthusiasm and directness of the head coach, Greg Secker. His course was a singular experience in every way, and has resulted in my trading being far more focussed and profitable. It’s early days, but my account has turned a 30% profit in under a month.

Joe Stuckey, Essex  8 June 2005



Since doing the course last year, my income has increased massively. Thanks to the excellent coaching and the continued support, I am now up over £23,000!

Nigel Lane, Hayling Island


The master trader retake was excellent. It covered a lot of things that otherwise I would not have done in any other course, but it also did things in a way that I can understand myself and my situation much better.

As a trader I have unlimited needs, so “unlimited wealth” is exactly what I need.  I’ve had my own business for 40 years. I’ve had an exciting time, but I’m tired of it. I want to do something else, but I need release financially for a business and “ultimate wealth” from Knowledge to Action is the only way I can do it.

I made £ 160 in a day.

In my first week when I went live I made 40%. Everything was just perfect for me.

The seminar was so good, it ticked all the boxes of what my needs were, where I wanted to go, what it was going to cost me and before I was even told the price, I decided what price it was going to be and it was exact. After that it is a sequence of   rearranging my lifestyle, rearranging my habits and routines to make this the focus of my life. And I think Knowledge to Action has been absolutely fantastic in the backup I’ve had, the care I’ve had, the kindness I’ve had when I’ve been coming here.

Peter Hatcher 2011



I’m finding the course very good.

I am still trading stocks.

Coaching has been amazing, I can’t speak highly enough of it, because just to have  this one-on-one support is second to none. It’s been so helpful. My Coach Emmanuel has been great. He is brilliant.

Apart from learning the strategies, the best part of the course has been meeting other traders, meeting people like myself. As simple as that, just trying to network with people like myself, people who have that ambition to be financially free and they will do anything to get there.

I want to be doing this fulltime. I’ve never been a 9 to 5 person. I don’t want to wake up in the morning, having to work 8 hours. I want to get back to my family and have a better life in general, really.

I signed myself up for one of the free seminars and the rest is history.  I’m on the path to being financially free.

Simon Peters – UK 2011



I did two knowledge to action courses nearly two years ago. My last coaching was a year ago. Once you get into it, you don’t need it so much.  At the moment I’m doing foreign exchange.

The MasterTrader teaches you how to read markets and you can then really apply that to anything. I started out applying it to stocks, as the original course was position trading stocks and then I applied it to the indices and the DAX and the FTSE.

I’ve been applying it to the stock market, trying to get a better return than when you left the money in the bank (...) with the objective of achieving a target of 8 – 10 %, which I have been achieving over a period of probably 3 to 4 months on average.

On an annualized basis I have been making about 30%, so it’s worked! And I can put that down to the course of course in the first place, but importantly to the coaching.

You can’t do it, if you read a book. It’s impossible. Doing the course and having that ingrained into as a system...Once you’ve learned the system, you learn that you can be flexible with it.

It comes down to the discipline and listening to what the people actually are telling you should do and actually realizing that it makes sense and they’re not saying it just to fill out the space. They’re saying it because it really is important and you will learn to adapt the systems that you get taught to your own style.

Some of the stuff that he put across, I knew immediately that’s what I was missing. I signed up there and then for the course.

My coach was terrific.

The secret is that there is no secret.

Tony Gray - 2011


I would like to commend Jitan as coach and midweek presenter: he is knowledgeable, thoughtful and a good communicator. I cannot fault my coaching sessions with him. His mideweek presentations stand out as being lucid and informative. I would appreciate this appraisal being passed on to whoever manages the coaching sessions and education generally.

best wishes
John Steele



Just a short note to thank you for what was an interesting training course. Due to work commitments I was only able to start trading last week.
Obviously the strategies that you taught during the course are not applicable in current market conditions but I have been able to modify them satisfactorily and in 7 trading days I have netted 971 points and have increased my initial stake by 19.09%. Of the 20 trades I have made I have been successful in exactly 50%.
Whilst I am still learning I do feel that my hit rate has been better in the last couple of days and I look forward to achieving closer to 70% in the near future.
Once again thanks
Kind regards
Jim Greenhalgh


To whom it may concern,

From listening to the quality of last nights midweek market focuse presented by a guy called Rob Colville (or is it Bob Corville?) - it has finally propelled me to write an email to give you feedback as I can't take it any longer!

Even though it was meant to be an 'educational excercise' I have not laughed so much in all my life and I would be greatful if you could let me know if future dates when he is presenting. Not only that, I have gained a lot much from following his style of trading, having struggled for years. I have FINALLY turned it around and this is my fourth month of profitability (last month I made 21%) from Rob's watchlist and he has been always happy to answer my amateurish questions.

I don't know if you have some sort of system where you can forward him my feedback or recognise him in a certain way for this feedback but I would just like to express my gratitude to him specifically for giving my such an edifying, helpful, profitable and comical experience!

A big thank you to him and a big thank you to K2A also!!



My name’s Anub Datta, I work in a High Street bank.  I’m a Relationship Manager, I manage High Networked individuals. My motivation to become a Forex trader is to get out of the daily 9-5 routine and have time to do the things I love doing.  To spend more time with my family and travel more.

Greg is very, very motivational. The words he uses are quite simple, but they’re the truth. He’s already done it. He has a great team to go along with him, to teach you these things, it’s amazing.

I can speak to my trading coach, call him, email him, whenever I need to. He’s very supportive.

One of the interesting things about trading Forex is that you can trade from anywhere; you just need a laptop and an internet connection.

My best trading day, thanks to the coaching here, has been a trade which gave me 1% in about 10 minutes.

Anub Datta UK 2011



My name’s Shirley Mansor, and I trade Forex.   I’ve just retired from a firm of Stock Brokers for whom I worked for 28 years.

My nephew in Egypt was looking into Forex trading and I became interested myself. I came on the Knowledge to Action seminar and I could see that you put the work in and it can work for you.

You can trade at the end of the day, you can trade before a normal working day, you don’t have to be there for hours.

It means a lot to see the trading coaches trading their own money. They’re doing what they’re teaching you to do. And if they can do it, you can do it. You just have to apply yourself.

Shirley Mansor UK 2011



My name’s Tom Munroe and I trade Forex here in the UK. I’m a bartender but I am transitioning to becoming a Forex trader full time. My dad’s from a business background in South Africa and when we moved over here he transitioned to Forex. He’s found these (Knowledge to Action) courses have really sharpened his strategy and helped us both a huge amount.

He had the idea that it may be fun to trade together, which we do now. It’s hugely comforting having them (the Knowledge to Action trading coaches) on the end of the phone. They’re there every step of the way for you.  Any problems you might have you can approach them, they don’t judge. They’ve made the same mistakes you have therefore they can help you on your way. There’s a lot of guidance, there’s a huge focus on risk management first and foremost. They make it clear it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this course to people. It’s rewarding and it shows you a way to financial freedom, which is exciting.

Trading Forex can be great for a lot of people such as college graduates, stay at home mums, people who might have just lost their job, people transitioning from one job to another... people with time on their hands!

Tom Munroe 2011



I found the Forex Secrets Seminar very good.

After 4 weeks my account sped up to a 133% , so it went extremely extremely well.

I would recommend Knowledge to Action because it is excellent.

Over the course of 4 weeks I’ve gained 2000 Euro.

I am looking to achieve financial security.

Craig Stevenson 2011


Dear Rob,

I would like to say a few words about my time at Knowledge to Action as it has been a very interesting, challenging , and now rewarding , time for me.

First i would like to thank all the staff at Knowledge to Action who have been excellent in every way - they have shown great tenacity, extreme patience and professionalism at all times.

The course is very well thought out; methodical in its approach and presentation throughout.

You are taken though each part step by step until it all starts to make sense, and I found the thing that put it altogether was the day’s one to one coaching with Rob. The pennies all start to drop one by one until you wonder why it had taken so long to get it!!!!

I would recommend the course to anybody that is serious about trading forex or stocks, you need to put a lot of effort in but the rewards more than worth it and providing you are prepared to do the that I would be confident that  Knowledge to Action would get you to be a competent trader.


Chris Peeters



I was into Stocks, Knowledge to Action came up on my Hotmail. I looked  into it and it had good reviews and a free seminar, so I went. I liked what it had to offer and I came in and just signed up.

The help has been pretty good and I find the different lifestyle now good. I’ll give it six months and I think I’ll be able to start to live of it.

It’s great, I’m actually going to do a (Knowledge to Action) Boot Camp in Australia to see the difference between the UK and the Aussies... but I’ll be back in September. I’m here for a year so yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

Ben Black June 2011



I think that if you want to go further with trading and if you are a beginner, you need to come to these courses.

I wanted to trade forex and stocks to become financially independent. I was working for a company, but for my future I think that it is not sustainable, so i want to become independent, so I am trying new things.

I chose Knowledge to Action because I think that it is a very famous institution in England. I heard many good things about it, so that’s why I decided to come here.

The best part:

The people who work here are very friendly and they explain everything to you so many times if you don’t understand, so it is a very friendly environment.

I want to be consistent with my earnings.

I would definitely recommend Knowledge to Action. The best thing is that the coaches keep in touch frequently and they care about me. They want you to improve and succeed. So, for sure, I would recommend Knowledge to Action.

Diana Hernandez June 2011



My foreign exchange trading account went up 3 percent in two and a half weeks.

The thing for me that stands out, that I’ve been very impressed with, is the coaching and the support you get after the course.

It is a lot of information to take in and the support you get in terms of the coaching afterwards in the boot camps , for me makes it stand apart from other organizations.

The best part of the course was sharing different views, ideas and strategies on how to trade, which is extremely helpful.

Eventually I want to be a fulltime trader.

Mike Meyrick July 2011



We did an end of day trade which was on CAD Swiss and we just stayed with it and made around 400 PIPS or more.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism; I think the openness of the business and how it opens up its trader’s platform for other individuals make it unique in some respects.

Mike Nailer - FX Bootcamp March 2011


I want to trade forex because it looks like a great opportunity to make a living from it and it’s fascinating to me.

I got an email, although I don’t know how and I went to one of the free seminars and I took the DVD home study course and started that way. I was really impressed with the DVDs, they were so good and there was a live video that talked about a two day seminar so I decided to come to the course. I had some forex experience from before , and the course gave me additional information and I was really impressed.

All of it is exciting, the ups and the downs, you only learn from the mistakes, but the best part is the support you get here. The fact that you have a contact here, the events like this and the ongoing coaching is something that I feel is very important.

Neil Gorman UK March 2011



I found the Boot Camp probably the best one I’ve attended. Excellent. Very informative. Very helpful.

I’ve always wanted to trade. I’ve been trading since I was 8 years old, and I think at my time of life I need to find something that doesn’t require me to hire a lot of people or to take a lot of responsibility and basically do the hours that suit me.

My best trade’s been 480 points on the Japanese Yen. Several (other) trades have been over 200 points.

I think the best part of my trading and training experience has been the extremely friendly and effective way the teachers manage to give their vast knowledge to me. They’ve taught me everything I know.

Peter Hands UK 2011



I’ve only done the traders course and the forex course. And I’ve just finished the forex one. It was great. We did about 14% on the stocks in about 2 months. So we just consistently traded every single day, every day, end of day put the trades on, watched them, stuck to the rules, did just 1% and made sure it was consistent. If you do it properly every day, I think you can do really well.

I just love knowing more about trading and I’m learning now about the forex training which is very exciting. It’s very excitement. We are going to concentrate on the forex training. Doing it with my boyfriend, which is good having 2 heads together, we are a great team working together. To have somebody to bounce ideas off and to see how everything works. I am good at spotting the strategies, he is good at the IT side. Both of us having given up our jobs to do this full time,  to really make this work. So this year we are really concentrating on getting it off the ground and making a profit from it.

We are up about 27% of our account in 3 months so that’s pretty good. Maybe it is beginners luck, I do not really know but of course there is two of us. He does the early morning part for the forex, and I do the evening part because we work different times physically. I’m better in the evenings, he works better in the mornings and it works perfectly.

I’d recommend somebody to do it. It’s like learning a language. You either do it once a week and then it takes a while, or you go and live in the country for a year and then you’re completely fluent. Ad you can say anything and do anything. You need to pretty much make this part of your life where as if you do it part time it takes a long time to get into it and people lose the momentum and the stamina. It’s a good idea to immerse yourself in something like this straight away. That’s my strategy.

Camilla Loughton’s 19.11.10

Stocks and Forex Graduate



A couple of weeks and I got a cable and I took it the day before and I came here and I was speaking with the guys, and they asked me if I got into that trade and I said yeah. That felt very good. That was my best trade so far.

TU and FX Grad

Gary Dillon 19.11.10



I did the Forex course in October (2009)


The grounding I got from [Traders University] was very good and the good thing about Forex is it’s very liquid so if you place a trade and it goes in the right direction the profits come in very quickly, which is quite exciting.


Best trade is probably a short on the Yen. 350 points in less than a week. it was a really good trade I managed to capture. It was perfectly set up and I managed to catch it bouncing off the trend.


The Mastertrader adds much more detail to what you learn from the initial courses and gives you a few really good strategies so you can get a few odd percent here and there from power pivots and a few on the gap trading US Market as a way of adding to your profits for the week.


The courses are great but the coaching is incredibly valuable. The guy (Emmanuel) that I am working with has kept me on the straight and narrow, taught me what not to do, helps me with what I am doing.. patted me on the back when I’ve done well. It’s like having a big brother who’s looking after me – you really need that so I couldn’t say how valuable that’s been.


You need the training course to learn what to do, all the strategies and where to start but I think the hand holding from the coach, that’s what turns you from having the potential of being a half decent trader to BEING a decent trader.



Harry Mowat Jan 2010



Andrew Patmore – FX Grad 2009

My best trade to date was on an income generator, I did an Aussie, New  Zealand dollar income generator and I made 208 points in one particular trade. So I was quite happy about that…



There’s a lot to learn [on the course] but I’m getting a lot out of it, particularly the opportunity to earn lots of money. I did the Forex course about four weeks ago and last month I was up about 4% - and this week I am up 2 %. I would say I’m on the brink of considerably better things, done a lot of back testing so I am getting more confident. It’s good to be doing the Forex course as the Forex course does give more opportunities at the moment, I think. My best trade so far is probably on cable work, made me 2.5% up. I started with 20(000) and I’m about 5-10% up. I think the courses themselves are good, the coaching – particularly the coach I have at the moment – is very good but I think it is bigger than that cause also it makes you realise you can achieve your dreams if you put everything into it. I have always worked for myself and this gives me the opportunity to earn lots of money without any staff. I’ve now actually now given up my full time job as of a week ago. I was a managing director of a couple of companies so I sold those companies about 2 yrs ago and then was employed for 2 yrs but am now trading full time.

Dave Symondson

November 2009



Really, really exciting, it’s not the first course I’ve been on, it’s the second course. What I learnt from the first course has actually enabled me to pay for this course. I started off with £500, its up now to £4000. That’s since August. And that’s being a single mum with 3 kids and a hairdresser working 6 days a week. It’s not bad. Anybody can get into a trade; it’s getting out of it that is the magic about it all really. Everybody really wants financial freedom and that’s what I want as a single mum to have that time to create my fortune before they grow up and leave home. I need more, I need rules, just guidance really which is what I’ve got from [Knowledge to Action] and now it’s all just falling into place and making so much more sense not doing this sort of thing on your own. You’ve got to be with people when you’re doing this.

Josie Keogh 2009


Traders University Course 31st March/1st April 2012

Dear Sarah-Jane,


Thanks for the email.  I am DEFINITELY coming to the course and cant wait frankly... and I shall have everything set up by Wednesday 21st March.. it is just that I am out of the country on business till then so have not really had time to get going.  I am going to study everything this week and get sorted in time.


Thanks so much for the email and all the information etc.  I can certainly see that I have spent my money wisely already.


Best wishes,





I have had a very successful time in trading. The reason I came back here today is not only to refresh my skills that I’ve been using but also to ensure that I pick up anything I didn’t pick up on the first time and I think that a continued learning is a really important part of keeping the momentum of trading and success of trading as well.

It can be a very lonely business trading, so if I can get out and meet people, that’s very important and to keep that momentum and motivation for me in trading otherwise it’s very lonely as you’re just sitting at your desk pressing a few buttons. I do like to get out.

I’m currently trading my pension. I’m trading my ISA’s and I’m trading Forex as well.

I’ve doubled my pension – since March, actually, I’ve doubled my pension. Not that I had a particularly huge amount in there, but for me, on a percentage level it’s significant.

I think the technical analysis allows you to know exactly when to be in and to get out.

I prefer to trade my own pension because no one else is going to be able to keep an eye on it as much as I am. So having the skills I’ve learnt over the past two or three years with Knowledge to Action that has been able to give me the skill knowledge to manage that.

The most important thing I have learnt over the past year that has been reinforced again and again when I’ve been back is risk management.

You want to be coming back another day. You will always have losses, guaranteed, so it is about keeping your options open and making sure that you only risk a small amount. The 1% is fantastic way of managing your account.

Pat Murphy 2009




Extremely interesting, fantastic, awesome. The best part of the course is all of it really because there’s so much to take in that you need it all. It’s done with humour which helps you to remember and it’s been fantastic so I can’t say any one piece [is the best] as it’s all relevant.

I chose Knowledge to Action as it came through on the internet, some kind of promotion I must have clicked somewhere and it had an introductory course and I was coming up to London from Norwich and it fitted in with my schedule so I went and signed up.

Currently – which is not my career, it’s just I stumbled into it coming back to England after 20 years abroad. I currently work for Aviva, which used to be Norwich Union insurance company and I’ve been a complaints handler – I look after people who complain about something, they haven’t appreciated what the company’s done, or just the way the call rep answers or a real mess has been made with the policy – so yeah I deal with complaints.

I haven’t really provided for my golden years. I’ve had a good life full of ups and downs and I have travelled extensively but I haven’t put money aside and sure as hell the government aren’t going to have it and my private ones aren’t that good. I want to make lots of money through this to be able to leave my 9-5 job eventually and provide for myself with a few hours a day and do all the other things I love to do like travelling, help my family, help other people and have the joys that I want.

Veronica Johannas Kingsburg UK 2009 Graduate


MWMF - 15/08/12

Good afternoon Adam,


You don't know me personally, but I took the K2A Forex course 2½ years ago, plus some momentum coaching (with Jitan Solanki).  Apologies for the unsolicited intrusion, but as you put your email address up on last week's MWMF I figured that you were open to random viewers contacting you!

I just wanted to comment on your MWMF of last week (15th August).  I didn't get the chance to catch it live for once (generally I am an avid Wednesday evening viewer each week), so missed the 24 hour window for posting comments/questions directly to you over the LTF site.  I have actually just watched it this afternoon.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I found it outstanding.  I tend to prefer the slightly longer presentations, as I find that I get a better feel for the thought process behind what is being presented, plus we get to cover more ground.  I found it very helpful the way you went through your thoughts on a number of currency pairs in such detail, and the feature on your current analysis of EUR/USD was a great insight.

I was historically a big fan of the MWMFs by both Jitan and Rob Colville (I download the MWMF each week and have not missed one since I took the course in March 2010), and had worried that with both Rob and Jitan moving on I'd feel a little more detached from it all.  I needn't have worried.  So while I don't have a particular question for you, I just wanted to say that you have one convert here.  I have enjoyed all of the recent MWMFs for different reasons – you, Julio and Nishil seem to be sharing duties at the moment? – but I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found last week's presentation, both in terms of the topics you covered and the level of detail you went into, delivered as ever in your calm and authoritative style.  It makes it easy to keep calm and carry on trading!

Please don't feel under pressure to respond – after all, I have not asked a question – but I believe in giving feedback when something someone does makes a positive difference to me.  And by the way – 48 minutes or so is about the perfect duration for a MWMF if you ask me!!


Kind regards,




Hello, My Name is Jean Jones. I came on the Traders University Course at the end of January 2009, I had had a dabble in the Markets in the past but never really done a lot regularly. What attracted me to the Traders University Course was the one-on-one Mentorship that would push me to trade more, as I felt not doing anything was my main problem.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Course, I met some really nice people and before I left the course on the last day I had placed my first Trades which had broken the barrier and now gave me the confidence to trade.

The next week I did a bit of revision of the books then went on to continue trading.

It is now a month or so on and I am still trading, last week I made a profit of 15% which I thought was amazing. I am now working forward with that and if I have that same result per month I will be a very rich lady in 3years.

I am thrilled with the course so far and I am still enjoying myself. I spend a little time in the morning and one hour in the evening looking at what is going on in the Markets and I am finding it really great.

Jean Jones – Traders University 2009


I have always been interested in it but I have never felt that I had the time or the courage to get started, and then I found out about Traders University and that seemed to be just what I needed, a proper thorough course and with people that are going to help you with your trading career.

I saw an advert o the internet.

Two things. One is having someone who is teaching you that you have the confidence in that they are actually doing it for themselves. They are successful and they are teaching you what they know from direct experience.

The other is being in a large group of people who are learning that are just starting out in the trading journey. So you know you are not on your own.

I have had some very exciting trades... that have made me some good returns.

What I want to be able to do is in two years time, is to leave my fulltime job and be financial independence. My son is at university at the moment and if I can achieve financial independence and be able to support him in choosing the first steps in his chosen career that would be fantastic.

I’m a project manager in IT.

I want to be able to free up my time. At the moment I am extremely busy. I’d like to be able to have free time in the day to more interesting things in life... to be free what I really want to do.

Spithenethu was really nice. I had been in it a couple of days and it shot up! I was able to manage my exit so I was able to maximise my profit!

Jenny Harrison Traders University 2009


I attended in October 2008, we found the programme very logical, easy to follow and something we could go home and apply on a Daily Basis.

We felt we needed more in-depth information so we registered for the Master Trader. During the period we have been trading we have had some success with the systems taught and I am looking forward to the future and keeping in touch with Traders University.

The point is in this current economic climate people need to look for alternative strategies to make money and the process of day trading is something anyone can get involved in, provided they can find one hour in the evening and a bit of time in the morning. This is what attracted me to the programme, the flexibility that it offered. Now I am looking a little bit deeper as to what I can do in a daily basis and what I can do with intra-day trading.

Mark Sawyer


FW: Holy Crap!

I went to dinner and came home to this…….  Holy Crap BATMAN!   I made 108 pips on USD/CHF and I made 11 pips on USD/JPY.  Raymond, YOU TOTALLY INSPIRED ME TODAY.   Thank you for your generous conversation and infinite knowledge.  I was going by the rules and not wagering more than I should        - BUT I WISH I DID.  LOL


I initially went on the two hour free seminar in Manchester and I got excited that I could trade on the Stock Market and do intraday trading and that someone was going to give a two day seminar on it and it looked quite simple.

After going on the course in October I found that the ethics behind the company was very good and the support we received afterwards was also really good. So I have now started trading, with some success and some failures too but on the whole the strategies that we have learnt do work and I just have  to do more of them for the rewards that will come.

I came on the course on October 2008, I have had some coaching sessions with my support team and placed some trades, both successful and unsuccessful and I continue to follow the strategies I have been taught.

I have now taken the two day Master Trader Course which is quite intensive but there is a lot more strategies to follow to help make the income from this a full time income.

Virginia Sawyer







We all placed a trade on the first or rather the second day of the course – we all went into Barclays, we all lost out on Barclays and in fact after the first month me account was 5% down. However, at the end of three months my fund was 45% up. During that time the FTSE 350 was up 18% but I was up 45% so whatever I was doing was right and I think the no #1 thing I was doing right was I was trading, I was keeping it simple, I was following the rules that were given and was able to take it from there. The 2 hour seminar I attended more than once and I was getting a consistent message and things were stacking up. I was very interested in the 3:1 ratio – I thought that made a lot of sense and if you follow a 3:1 ratio you only need to be successful 50% of the time so that’s one of the key measures, the risk management and financial management aspects make it more scientifically sound.

I left my job, coincidentally, I left my job in March – I got fed up with the corporate rat race. I’ve got a few other properties and I deal with that but I’m at the stage in my life where I just want to enjoy myself. I don’t want to answer to anyone else. I want to do my own thing and I’m able to do this by trading at home.

I have some financial goals about monthly income. I’m not after a big new car or a big new house. I have all the things I need in my life. I’m just looking for that monthly income to feed the kids and allow me to do all the hobbies I like to do.

Richard Biddle 2009


After the TU course I did the FOREX and the respective boot-camp.


Following Vicki’s guidance I had some early success , followed by  some ups and downs as I tried to settle down into a regular disciplined trading regime.


The boot-camp I attended really accelerated my progress run by Rishi and Emmanuelle.


The results were un believable ! 


Sukh Kareer


In Nov 2009, I opened only 12 live trades, but I managed to made 900 pips. Only 1 loss trade which I made a stupid mistake.


In Dec 2009, I opened only 9 trades, but I managed to made 1434 pips. SHorting EURUSD contributed 612 pips for me.


I do have a feedback to KTA.


Thank you Rob!!!!!!!!


Chong Long Choo

FW: Thank you

Dear Zoe, Mark and Jitan
I had my last ever coaching session with Mark this morning, which marks the end of my UW course, and couldn't let the moment pass without saying a huge thank you to each of you for all of your help and support over the last year.  UW has quite literally changed my life for the better, giving me a way out of a career that I had been unhappy in for a long time, enabling me to take control of my life back and, most importantly, to be there for my children.
Thanks Zoe for being so helpful, organised and efficient and for sorting out my various IT difficulties!  
Jitan and Mark, you've both been fantastic.  Your advice and wisdom have been invaluable to me, and it's thanks to you both that I've been able to discover my trading style and can now move forward with confidence.   I've had a great month so far, with 9% in the bank and 4 trades still running and in profit.   
So thank you all once again, and all the very best for a bright future.
Kind regards
Nicky Cooper

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blog: Brian

I did the Ultimate Forex course on 26/26 August 2012 in Sydney.  I would like to thank the team at K2A, for what was a most enjoyable and very informative introduction to Forex Trading.  Over the 2 day course, Saira and Joseph (Our Presenter/Coaches) guided us step by step through everything we needed to know to start trading immediately.  They provided us with 4 very clear strategies to follow, that would allow us to trade straight away with crystal clear rules to follow.  I was very impressed by the careful strategies which had safety built into them, provided you follow the rules to the letter.  The presentation team spent a large portion of time on the phychology required to trade successfully, which was very Tony Robbins.  I liked the way the course focused on the human element, as well as the technicals.  I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who is considering trading Forex, it is a great first step in your Forex education.  I left the course feeling enlightened and confident about my future trading.

Fwd: Johannesburg Knowledge to Action


Dear Greg,
I thought you might be interested in some feedback regarding Knowledge to Action in Johannesburg.
Firstly, thank you very much Greg for establishing a trading floor in Johannesburg. I fully appreciate the expense it has entailed to obtain the space, facilitate the fit out and create the necessary infrastructure. It is really exciting to have our own trading floor and the initial teething problems were insignificant in terms of the bigger picture. Also, I would like to comment on some of the Knowledge to Action representatives; Shawn Cannot, Kimberly Jackson and Shanaaz Akkash have been a wonderful support. No doubt there are others behind the scenes here in South Africa that I do not have contact with. Be as it may, I have absolutely had more than my monies worth regarding the Ultimate Wealth program.
The ATM course was mind blowing; Andrew Hewerdine as always was an astounding coach; patient, succinct and utterly focused. A combination of discretionary trading and automated trading seems to be the way to go.
Kind regards
Valma Botha
Cell: 27(0)83 267 2746
Fax: 27(0)86 603 5655

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and is believed to be clean.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Blog: Ainslie

After 13 years of owning and operating a demanding business, I sold it and became a stay at home Mum to two young, busy girls.  However, I was still very keen to find something of interest to keep the brain active and functioning!  Through “a friend of a friend” I initially spent a few weeks with a forex “coach”.   I quickly realised he knew less than the content available for free in the education section of my broker’s website.  I was then on the lookout for an alternative learning centre and my husband came across an invitation in the paper to attend a free seminar about learning to trade forex locally at North Sydney.  Needless to say I went along with a healthy dose of scepticism, which gladly evaporated.    What really impressed me with the K2A package on offer was:  the initial three strategies across different time frames I could learn, the one-on-one coaching by proper traders, the location, the backup and support of a friendly and clearly competent team.  There was also the opportunity to build and develop on the initial foundations I would learn.  I researched Mr. Secker and Knowledge to Action thoroughly.  I then called back and peppered the team with questions, which all checked out.   I signed up and began the most amazing journey I feel so lucky to have embarked upon.  I have not looked back.
I have now been trading for nearly 18 months and love it!  I am passionate about my trading and am absolutely thrilled I have found an interest, which allows me to stay at home, keeps my brain active and now generates a nice income.  As I studied with K2A, the more I wanted to learn and I kept going with the programmes on offer.  My brilliant coach Partha clearly understood my juggling act of small children around dinner/bath time in Sydney and the London opening and helped me develop my understanding and strategies on higher timeframes.  I could not have got to where I am today without him and his kindness, consideration, support and understanding of my situation and what I wanted to achieve. 
As clich├ęd as this sounds, I cannot express my sincere gratitude to Greg, James Mathews and his team enough. Everyone at K2A wants you to succeed.  To be associated with such positive and like-minded people has been so encouraging.  
If you are serious about wanting to change your income prospects and you are prepared to do the work, anyone can achieve and succeed.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme – it’s a new lifestyle opportunity.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Video Review - Anna Klimowska (Learn to Trade Client)

This video was filmed on 26th June, 2012 at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea, London.

Learn to Trade hosts an Annual Unlimited Wealth Awards and Graduation ceremony to celebrate individual trading achievements. All delegates have volunteered to be filmed as a testament to Learn to Trade's Training Programme. 

Video Review - Bublee Goswami (Learn to Trade Client)

This video was filmed on 26th June, 2012 at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea, London.

Learn to Trade hosts an Annual Unlimited Wealth Awards and Graduation ceremony to celebrate individual trading achievements. All delegates have volunteered to be filmed as a testament to Learn to Trade's Training Programme. 

Video Review - Lesley Leung (Learn to Trade Client)

This video was filmed on 26th June, 2012 at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea, London.

Learn to Trade hosts an Annual Unlimited Wealth Awards and Graduation ceremony to celebrate individual trading achievements. All delegates have volunteered to be filmed as a testament to Learn to Trade's Training Programme. 

Video Review - Chloe Edwards (Learn to Trade Client)

This video was filmed on 26th June, 2012 at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea, London.

Learn to Trade hosts an Annual Unlimited Wealth Awards and Graduation ceremony to celebrate individual trading achievements. All delegates have volunteered to be filmed as a testament to Learn to Trade's Training Programme.