Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ultimate Forex

John was very informative, flexible and knowledgeable whilst still presenting with a little light humour to help relief of tension.

Communication is everything, Anna was great.

Many thanks




Thanks for your enthusiasm as part of the trading program at Bootcamp this week.
It is good to see full time traders like yourself working and thinking their specific strategy within the charts.
Thanks for sharing.
Have to catch plane home tonight.
See you next trip.


Bootcamp 4/5 December 2012

Very good, clear explanations. Lots of additional information and good answers to questions.

Was hoping we’d move slightly faster but some people seemed to struggle a little bit. Still really good though. Was hoping for more actual trades to be executed.

Really enjoyed the programs and coaching so far.


Bootcamp Forex

Much appreciated all your knowledge helped me greatly – I am looking forward to the next couple of months.

Good tools and info to use, learnt a lot about reversals and how to use entry and exit, also fibinacci.

First class, many thanks!


Bootcamp - David & Joe

LAW-LONG, good pair!

I was comfortable with the strategies as I had done my homework, that way I believe my absorption was very good! I have been a dedicated student, it helps. The way I see it, you have to put in the effort and push your boundaries all the time. No one gives you the holy grail!



Bootcamp with David and Joe - Sydney

Hi David,

Just wanted to say thanks for the Bootcamp.  I was only able to catch today’s session cause I finished night shift this morning.  Even through my weary eyes and ears, I still feel I got a lot of benefit from your teachings!!!

Cheers again