Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ultimate Forex Course

A knowledgeable speaker, John has good presentation style and a good sense of humour.


Ultimate Forex

Impressed with how John handled challenging questions from the group. His response to get us to appreciate the opportunity to learn was great.

Admin setup was great.


Ultimate Forex

Appreciate the work John does for preparing for the course e.g. current examples using previous day’s charts from eSignal.

All practicals are relevant and excellent.

Congratulations John, I appreciate your wonderful presentation and delivery. This session I have finally understand the basics and feel ready to “fly”!


Live Trading Session

The webinar was excellent.  Joseph explained everything very well, as always!!  (I might be a bit bias as he is my coach, lol).

Thank you very much



Ultimate Forex Course

Very good. Always hard to present to a broad spectrum of people. Good how the trader coach included his style of trading, a live trading environment which included up-to-date trades.


Ultimate Forex Course

Did a terrific job, especially handling questions from people who had not paid attention to what was said earlier.

Good use of humour, nice use of gesture, and voice.