Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Forex course

Found very helpful, friendly, professional assistance with phone contacts – admin staff.

Very practical and attention to detail. Encouraging hearing his trading progress losses/profits – presenter.


Ultimate Forex Course

Response and contact from Robert (Client Services) was excellent. Guide for purchase of eSignal didn’t quite match the actual experience.

Excellent job. John was knowledgeable, entertaining and motivating. He took the time to answer all questions and gave additional help during the breaks.

What would be really great is to somehow incorporate ½ day sample trading on a laptop (could be on historic data) into the course so that when you leave you have the comfort of at least practice trading each of the strategies on your own system (even if only for two trades of each).


All services particularly Anthony and Vicki were very helpful.

John was an extremely good teacher/presenter his ideas on training are similar to mine and he made the complex sound easy and lifted the fog of confusion of price action on all charts.



Forex Course Sydney

Notes are clear, not full of clutter to make it confusing. Appreciate the follow up calls to ensure all is ready (e.g account set up)

ABSOLUTELY INSPIRATIONAL!!! Love how the content was delivered, love the personal stories, made it all easy to understand. John is brilliant and I’m honoured to have been able to be a part of his course and learn from him! Born to be a motivational speaker and I want to one day be able to have the same effect on someone else’s journey!

Thank you!


Ultimate Forex course

Excellent communication about course preparation and set up, really impressed with that aspect of the support. However, returning of calls was not so hot.

Clear and friendly presentation style, but some not so fine points not explained until questioned in detail.

Lots of practicals, which is good. However, it would have been good to have more special cases rather than all straightforward.



Ultimate Forex Course

Gave good advice and examples. Shared some actual personal experiences, mostly good value, sometimes a bit arrogant.

Very willing to assist/coach the basics for those of us that were not getting it.

Thank you John.





FX Course

John was excellent – very relatable and very good at communicating the principles to us laymen so that it’s understandable (& conquerable) for us!


Ultimate Forex Course

Course was well presented, certain course slides could have been more accurate.

John is an excellent presenter and his knowledge was exceptional.



Melbourne BC

Hi Danielle,

I found it really helpful to be able to attend a Bootcamp in Melbourne.

I hope there will be more coming.

I'd be especially interested in attending the ATM or ATM pro course in Melbourne.




Thanks for your reply. I want to make trading my prime line of income and therefor want to have access to all resources to enable me to become a competent trader.


If there is any other resources you can suggest, please make it available to me, or direct me towards same


Thanks for your understanding and support, I feel very safe in your environment.  


Tobie Hanekom