Thursday, 11 October 2012


The enthusiasm and knowledge of the coaches combined with a solid and clear system make the entry into the forex world a smooth and enjoyable experience. I am fully appreciative of the guidance from my coach in my forex journey to success.

Ronald Sathio


I decided to trade foreign exchange to be able to earn what I am earning now with less time. There is so much to learn and one course (UFX) with 3 coaching sessions is just not enough. It is just the beginning of what the possibilities are and I would strongly recommend anyone intending to do Ultimate Forex course to do Unlimited Wealth. I would only say that this was made possible by hundreds of hours I have spent with the manuals and in front of the screen that has helped me to understand the concepts and implement the strategies flawlessly. My coach, Partha, is just brilliant at teaching these strategies. He makes things so simple to understand. He also makes you realize what actually is happening when price reaches a particular support or resistance. I have learnt more from him in 2 sessions than I would have done by spending hours in front of the computer screen. But it is also the hours spent in front of computer screen that actually helps you to understand what he is teaching.

I think we need to treat it as a degree and give it same time and respect as you would to a university degree and I can tell you it pays off BIG TIME.

In the last 2 months since I joined the programme with Knowledge to Action I have increased my account by 15%.

Thanks to Knowledge to Action and Partha Banerjee for guiding me towards my goal of financial independence.

Pankaj S


Invaluable learnings.

The lessons have been invaluable especially you're collective guidance around 60 mins cyclicity for snipers (which I realise I had been completely overlooking).  I've taken the AUD and NZD sniper set ups tonight and both have come in which is a good outcome.  What's most pleasing is the fact that I had confidence in the trades knowing that the cyclicity (and other set up elements) put the probabilities firmly in my favour.  With my knowledge and experience curve constantly growing I am really looking forward to extracting consistent profitability from snipers (and the other strategies) going forward. Have a great weekend and look forward to our next coaching session.


Cheers, Damian

MasterTrader Bootcamp

Thank you for a great two days in the MasterTrader Bootcamp this week.  As always, the input and materials was first-class.  I particularly appreciated the time spent on the new strategies - these add another dimension to our trader tool belt.  I really appreciate the effort you both went to in order to make the bootcamp a success.


Some more Partha LOVE.

Partha, your knowledge, insights, and delivery of the content was wonderful. I thought your Master Trader gave me a lot of insights into how I must look and research when I am trading. Your knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm makes it truly memorable and informative. You have combined your passion, knowledge and friendly manner in a way that makes it enjoyable to share with you. Your stories and anecdotes make it a pleasure to be there and share with you.  Each time I see you I add to my knowledge too. I know I have a lot of work to do, however, I am working diligently through it. I will be guided by you and do all you ask of me so that I can one day say Partha was the key to it all and I owe him so much.



Money Making Day

Just a quick note to express my gratitude and appreciation of your commitment to ensuring my success as a trader on our “money making” day.  Your compassion and unfaltering resolve to help me understand better the intricacies of successful trading transcends expectations and for that I am grateful.  You show a genuine concern for each trader entrusted in your care and your incredible enthusiasm is infectious.  Listening to your plain-spoken, coherent and logical explanations one cannot but improve their knowledge and understanding of this sometimes complex discipline that we have chosen to enter. 


Once again thank you!



Unlimited Wealth

Today when I walked out clutching my day three manual, I had a profound realisation that these manuals represent a genuine passport to wealth. I know I’m enrolled in the ‘Ultimate Wealth’ programme but it was really just grand the potential of what we have available has finally sunk in.  It’s the first time I’ve really grasped the reality of what is possible........ the journey to financial freedom and beyond.  There’s a long way to go before then but today I really felt like the journey has started.  I know I’ve only just finished today’s Master Trader but I’m ready to do it all again.  It was just so huge and so powerful. 


Thanks, John.S


Firstly I really appreciate your patience and great help for my coaching.

Although I still confused a little bit about the strategies, but I figured it out and gained a lot after watching your Midweek video on Wednesday and the coaching on Tuesday this week.

I placed 8 orders and totally won 210 pips in the 1st 4-day this week. I placed 4 orders by Sniper and 3 of them were winning orders. The rest of orders were Pivot, Snapback60 and 2 IG. All of them were winning orders.

I really want to say thanks that I get more and more confident after your coaching sections. I will keep analysing and updating my knowledge during the trading time. My target is to keep my winning results stable and try to get more and more profits.




Jump off the Forex cliff into the unknown.....

Please pass on my appreciation to Dragon for his time and an insightful 2 days. It was a wonderful two day course and everybody I chatted to was very excited to jump off the Forex cliff into the unknown. Also to you and your team for all the backend work and organisation.


Regards, Peter.L

First trade = 25 PIPS!!!

You guys are the greatest! I made 25 pips last night on the first day of opening my live broker account.




Just finished the K2A, Greg Secker DVD's and can say from my initial reading of many FOREX books and tips and tricks taken form internet sites my initial trading DIY was rather a 50-50 affair having applied only a couple of the techniques Greg has mentioned my success rate has change dramatically.


Thanks, Shayne.

Coaches - Rik

Rik is fantastic!  He answered all my questions in such a way that I understood the answers perfectly. Very easy to talk to and very professional but at the same time made me relaxed!



Ultimate Forex

I wish to thank the entire team at K2A for a fantastic Ultimate Forex course. Jay and the support staff were sensational!


Cheers, Damian.

Best Trade

My best trade to date was when I made 50 pips in 45 minutes.  I put my trading success down to following the rules & implementing what I’ve been taught.  If you can follow the rules, you can do it too.



UFX Course

Ten weeks after completing the Ultimate Forex Course, I’ve just had my most successful trading session to date, two and a half hours for $970.  I’m really excited about what the future holds for me.  I put my success down to the sound teachings of Knowledge to Action and the support of my coach.




I have just today finished a 3 day Master Trader Forex course- thank you very much for the very informative, concise, eye opener into the various aspects of trading which I can now add to my Forex trading. Once again many thanks for an informative 3 days.



Thank you!

My best trading period has been the last 2 weeks where I’ve generated 275 pips.  My best trade was on the USD/CHF last week and I made 3% on that trade.  I would recommend Knowledge to Action’s Ultimate Forex Course for anyone who is looking to learn to trade successfully. 

Thank you K2A.




Can I say, Partha continues to impress, enthuse, motivate, challenge and generally gets the group humming - very enjoyable to be a part of this focused education and Partha has a good style of informing, educating and driving individuals and the group. I've found him to be very generous in sharing his knowledge and inspiring me to be a better trader.  Partha is a 5 star credit to K2A!

Ultimate Forex

I would just like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of attending this seminar today.  Stephen the lecturer gave an all inspiring talk and what’s more he explained it all in simple terms and this would have been very difficult to do.  Stephen is brilliant and Ultimate Forex is very privileged to have him.


MT Bootcamp


Got some good insights from this bootcamp.

Got quite a few questions answered.


MasterTrader Bootcamp

Partha is very patient, articulates well, does not speak too fast and is prepared to explain things in detail.




Dear Curt,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the coaching sessions that you generously provided.

Thank you for your calm and passionate demeanor and most importantly for the transfer value of your teachings. Transfer value, meaning your intent in transferring your knowledge to others. With each coaching session I see and feel massive learning. Keep up the great work.

Kindest Regards