Monday, 1 October 2012

Bootcamp success

Dear Grant


Thanks for your participation in the Bootcamp. Between the ideas you and Partha identified and my own, based on the channel trading stuff you have shared with me I am currently up around 750 pips. Big winner on Snake on EURJPY and big wins based on bounce off channels on USDCAD, USDCHF, EURCAD, EURUSD.  Also traded the AUDUSD ahead of the news as I confident the news would be in the same direction as the trend.


Kind regards and thanks for your support. I do feel that I am getting it.



246 pips and counting....

I am excited to tell you I have banked 246 pips this week with a few more long term ones on the go.  Tonight I think I deserve the night off. Thank you for all your help and support. Also I meant to tell you , that you and Jo were sensational trainers very patient, enthusiastic and encouraging and fun.    

Thanks again Brig


My journey.

Hi K2A,


Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement when I was hitting the wall.  Confirming my losses are not huge did help me to keep it in perspective. I finally got a kick in my butt to review all my trades since I started. It has helped me to tighten my sniper rules (since I mainly trade snipers) and starting to see consistent results. I found out that 90% of my losses were due to overtrading, impulse trading and not following my initial rules. I lost 15% of account instead of making 24%. My account is almost back to square one. Looking back, it was a small price to pay as you said it did help me to strengthen my mental toughness, be more patience and have more confidence to pull the trigger when the setup is confirmed. Before, I was still unsure especially when I was getting inconsistent results.


Now, I am looking forward to more training and coaching from Mastertrader.




Building confidence

Hi Grant,


Firstly I really appreciate your patience and great help for my coaching. Although I am still confused a little bit about the strategies, I figured it out and gained a lot after watching your Midweek video on Wednesday and the coaching on Tuesday this week.


I placed 8 orders and totally won 210 pips in the first 4-days this week. I placed 4 orders by Sniper and 3 of them were winning orders. The rest of orders were Pivot, Snapback60 and 2 IG. All of them were winning orders. I really want to say thanks that I get more and more confident after your coaching sections. I will keep analysing and updating my knowledge during the trading time. My target is to keep my winning results stable and try to get more and more profits.




What a journey....



As you know I am off back to Perth next Sunday so I wanted to say thanks for the incredible journey that you encouraged me to take back in March 2012. I moved to Sydney in April and I can’t believe the support of the whole K2A team and the process of sorting a dumb rooky out and turning him into a Trader that understands how the charts work and the capability of trading full time and ability to not only replace my income but make some serious money as well. PATIENCE  I have never heard a word used so much nor did I realise what a hard word it is to understand and obey. Thanks for you kind words of encouragement, understanding and friendship over the last four months, and for setting me up in a wonderful business.


I will return next year to my office with the view


Thanks and fond regards



Ultimate Forex Course

I just wanted to say thank you to you both for a very enjoyable and instructive 2 days at the Ultimate Forex program.  While I have traded shares for many years, I had not considered forex as a serious option for me until a few months ago.


I am now comfortable that I have the basics to get me started on this journey as a result of this course and the pre-course materials.   I know that I still have plenty to learn, but I have at least now got some good “training wheels” to help me get underway.


Thanks for your passion, and making the two days a great experience.


Kind regards……………Nigel


Bootcamp Results

Just a short note to say thank you for all the great advice imparted during the Boot Camp last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and had further success after it finished. FYI my results for May ended up as follows:


PIPS earned 2,311

Trading success rate 73%

ROI of 4% (based on the my full account size which is well over six figures)

21 consecutive winning trades and 28 out of the last 29 winning trades.


I think I’m getting the hang on this, and look forward to working with you going forward, so keep up the good work.


Please thank Grant also (I don’t have his email), and let him know his UIG trade on NZDUSD came home nicely!






Dear Partha,


I have listened to quite a few of your presentations and it is about time to let you know that you are by far the best presenter at K2A! Thank you very much for clearly laid out eSignal charts and sharing your in-depth knowledge with us. In pointing out what we cannot (yet) see, you are assisting us tremendously in becoming better traders. Thank you!


Best regards


MT Bootcamp

Grant, Partha and team


Thanks for a great 2 days I learnt so much more and it was worth trip over from the west.


As you can see some great results over night some 10% up . Hopefully I can hold the profit over the next 5 hours flight home.


I think I am on the path of more consistent results and for thank many thanks !


Kind regards




The sequence of my two consecutive coaching sessions today on ATM has, for me, created probably the most personally rewarding and productive 1½ hours of one-to-one coaching it would be possible for KTA to initiate for an older delegate like me who joins the ATM programme  -  or even UW.  One excellent hour was spent with Richard, specifically on installing and executing all the necessary basic ATM computer functions, followed by an invaluable half-hour with Lachlan to establish an appropriate activity schedule for me to lead on to the next one hour session with him and further brief follow-ups with Richard as required. 

Regards, Ian


MasterTrader Sydney


Thanks again for a great MT event!

As you said, each time you sit it you learn more and more – and definitely was this case for this one, it’s assisted me to be even more specific with rules and trading!

Think I am now getting an understanding of this Phase trading thing…!


Have a couple of coaching sessions with you next week – so speak then…







Hi David,


Thanks for a great course - my head is still spinning, but I know I learnt a lot!

It was a privilege to be taught by you.




Wealth Stream

The Bootcamps by webinar are great. One of the major helps from Knowledge to Action for those of us not living in Sydney. Especially for slow learners and those time poor like me!!!


Thanks and Regards,



hi Sarah-Jane,

Thanks for your email regarding the Master Trader Course which I attended by Webinar. I have to say Emmanuel was a great tutor. It was very clearly presented and easy to follow online. It was easy enough to follow the practicals most of the time and I really enjoyed the course. Emmanuel responded to all questions I sent through.

I have to say its fantastic that I can attend some of these courses by Webinar due to my location in Scotland it's not always easy to get away for a large number of days in the month. Each presenter has different styles and approaches and I find it great to get different view points.

On another note, I attended the Forex Bootcamp with Mark and Nishal last week and haven't given feedback yet. Like Emmanuel they were very clear in their presentations and I certainly get the feeling from all of them that they are very keen for us all to master trading successfully. They all were very supportive and gave thorough explanations. It's very clear their depth of knowledge and drive to develop others.

regarding contact prior to the course, I thought this was extremely clear and well timed. Getting an email each day meant I didn't have to trawl through my inbox to get the log in details. You made it so easy thank you.

Many thanks for allowing me to attend this by Webinar, it was fantastic.

Kind Regards


Thank you for attending "Forex Master Trader Course 24th, 25th &26th od September 2012"

Subject: RE: Thank you for attending "Forex Master Trader Course 24th, 25th &26th od September 2012"




In a nutshell, it was excellent and I really enjoyed gaining such informed insight from Emmanuel. In my opinion, he is a great coach who is generous in sharing his expertise, which will surely improve my and the other delegates' trading abilities...the man should be cloned. From a technical perspective, it was easy to log in and gain access to the webinar, to follow the presentations over the three days, and to submit questions to the coach when the need arose. I most certainly intend to be at the next one in a virtual capacity. Thank you for doing such a great job for those of us who are not able to attend in person.


Kind regards,