Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ongoing dedication.

The Bootcamp is great! I'm dedicated to this, the course is going fantastically and everything is going well!

Cheers, Conrad.

Prop Trader

Hi Tom,

Thank you for you comments, I am well on my way back to be over £10,000 soon.
I hope you don't mind that I risked a full 1% on the EURAUD trade you used for us as a case study, the bar was 8 pips more that I could have traded with my current 0.5%, it wasn't meant to be breaking the rules.
I will certainly keep risking 0.5% until you see it is OK to return to 1%.
For me it is more about knowing what I am doing and not about the pressure of making profit right now.

Every trade gives me a valuable exprience. I remember Greg saying that it takes the same effort making £10.00 profit on a trade or £1000.00, so I evaluate my performance in percentages, not in actual profits yet

It is really a GREAT feeling to see my trades doing well - unbelievably GREAT!

Have a great week,