Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bootcamp - Brisbane

Both David and Joseph were fantastic and provided good teaching contrast.



Brisbane Bootcamp


Both presenters were very easy to relate to and answered questions in depth and appropriately.

Trade examples were good, unsuccessful although they helped to clarify entry signals, which was exactly why I came here.



Bootcamp in Brisbane


The guys were helpful, friendly and very passionate about trading.

Everything explained well with details and discussion.

Joe and David’s opposite trading style compliment the course.



Ultimate Forex

Knowledge to Action's 2-day Forex course gave me an insightful introduction on how to tackle the Forex trading market- the tools and techniques you learn are essential to develop a solid foundation for any aspiring trader.


Regards, Kinch.

Brisbane Bootcamp


Thank you David for the Forex checklist – Excellent!

Thank you to both presenters for a great Bootcamp. Learned lots!

Loved coaching sessions and Richard very helpful with eSignal.



Just a quick email....

Hi Zoe

 Just thought I’d drop you a quick email on a couple of points

I’m so thrilled to be part of the K2A learning academy as it’s definitely helping me to achieve my goals

So impressed with Holly’s efficiency, even when there are 10 people hovering around her trying to get information – great ambassador for the business

Impressed with the integrity of the coaches and business.

So all in all, please pass on my comments to all (including Greg) to say (a) Thanks and (b) Well done.


Have a great day.



Many Thanks !

Dear Greg,


                Thank-you for your e-mail, and Many Thanks to you and your team, for all that you have done for me, and for creating such an amazing course !  I am truly grateful to have attended your University,and look foward to returning to further my studies.  May I also say it was an absolute privilige to have been taught by Tom !                                                                   



                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                           Simon Rigas.


feedback on coaching and courses

I would like to commend Jitan as coach and midweek presenter: he is knowledgeable, thoughtful and a good communicator. I cannot fault my coaching sessions with him. His mideweek presentations stand out as being lucid and informative. I would appreciate this appraisal being passed on to whoever manages the coaching sessions and education generally.


best wishes


Hi There!
Can you please thank Clive, Paul and everybody involved for the two-day Forex course. I found it really inspiring and I do appreciate how much time and energy must have gone in to such a polished presentation.
Kind regards

Hi there

Hi Sally,


If you have a moment - I just wanted to give someone senior at KTA some feedback on Adrian (your aussie IT guy).

He just did a superb job helping me with my MacBook today.  I'm not even sure if he is supposed to do that for KTA customers but I had been having real problems getting eSignal sorted on my Mac and he spent some significant time on it for me today.


I really wanted to make sure that he gets my sincere thanks and that his boss or whoever else relevant gets the most positive and grateful feedback about the excellent job he did.


Thanks for any help you can give me in this respect.


Best regards,




Ultimate Forex Profits - Johannesburg 14th and 15th May

Dear Hannah

The course in Johannesburg was FANTASTIC! Gary is an AWESOME presenter!     THANK YOU ALL!

I did ask you on Skype to get me from Gary the web address for the Pips Calculator he projected on the big screen during the last day - please!

Many thanks


Ultimate Forex Profits



To advise that I have since obtained a zip program that has allowed me to access the FX.Indicators upgrade.  This has now installed.  I am waiting for the markets to open to fully test and appreciated the enhanced benefits.


I have received an email from another broker via an introduction courtesy of Clive.  Thank you.  This will enable me to explore further the feasibility of the Income Generator strategy.


I entered my first trade on Friday.  What a rush.  And lost £20.00.  Hey broken the ice and pressed the button. 


A good investment, as on analysis I made quite a number of mistakes that I could readily identify but established that I was perhaps on the right path.


I set an entry price then changed my mind before actually creating an entry buy order to trigger trade. Then I changed my mind again as it appeared nothing was going to happen. As a result my stop loss ended up only a couple of pips above the bottom price.  So got stopped out at the stop loss. 


The exercise taught me and highlighted the following: - 


  • System works restricting/limiting my losses at the stop loss point.
  • I didn't walk away, I sat glued to the screen watching every little pip movement.
  • Learnt not to become emotionally attached (it was fun though being my first trade).
  • Identified that I had let an element of old fashion 'assumption' come in to it and anticipated a direction change to happen quicker than it actually happened.
  • Learnt not to change my mind due to impatience/excitement.
  • Learnt to be more patient before entering trade.  Waiting another 10 minutes and the whole deal would have turned a profit of up to 4:1.
  • I tried later to look for trades that were so obviously not there.  Decided that I had fallen into the trap and closed out for the day. 
  • In essence I broke the rules.

Some learning curve that was!



Thanks again for everything.


Andrew Atkinson


PS: Come on Monday.  Both feet on the ground this time!



Thank you!!

To the Jay and the wonderful team who were present on the weekend, a very big thank you!

You were all, very supportive and at all times helpful.

Jay did a great  presentation.

It was also good to put a face to the emails, and to meet you all personally.

Thanks Again,