Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hi Grant,

Thank you for the excellent presentation last Wednesday. To cover 12 to 15 currency pairs on the weekly and daily charts and demonstrate in real time over about 40 minutes that the trendlines and Phases 1 and 2 can be drawn is very encouraging for new potential traders.

Thanks again,





Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Hello Partha,

I feel so privileged to have you as a boot camp trainer for last 2 days.

Thank you so very much for a wonderful 2 days- I have never seen anyone analyse charts in so much detail, with such confidence, generosity and clarity.

I have learnt so much already, and am so grateful.

Many thanks again, and I look forward to working with you.





Aus MasterTrader

Hi Partha

During the last session of Master Trader course last week when you told us to find an “Anchor” I found this extremely powerful as  it reminded me of my competitive Archery days.

This sport required 80 % mental and 20% technical.

Every morning and night I would visualize myself shooting that perfect shot –going through the sequence. Perfect timing and continuous focus on one arrow at a time hitting  the gold.  

I also used the back of five  business cards to write five positive affirmations all relating to being a fit and successful archer. I would read these every morning to keep myself confident and positive.

My aim this week is to transfer this technique to my trading. Visualise myself being a successful trader and living the life style that this will bring to me and my family and as such I will prepare five forex focused cards.

I am grateful to you for a great course last week.

Kind Regards




Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ATM - Paul.B

Paul was excellent, friendly and he uses ATM strategy in his own personal trading.




Monday, 26 November 2012

FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Generally I had a great time.

It’s setting up an exciting future for me.

Thanks, Darin



I enjoyed not only learning the techniques, but discovering the psychology behind it. I look forward to learning more and trying out trading as much as possible.


Journey to profitable trader....

I have enjoyed my experience but realise how much more I have to learn on my journey to become a profitable trader!!!


FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Kudos to Saira. Great presenter and very approachable. She is a credit to K to A.

Very motivating and enlightening.



FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

Excellent training by the teachers and trading mentors helped me out in every way they could.


Overall – Fantastic!!




FX Feedback 24/25 Nov

I received direction, information, support so its been positive for me!

Would have loved to hear some examples of success and failure of trading results.



FX 24/25 Nov Sydney

Excellent service! I made many phone calls for help in setting up and received answers instantly.

Presenters very knowledgeable and very helpful!

Overall, excellent! Couldn’t possibly ask for a greater experience.



FX 24/25 Nov Sydney

Presenter was great though need more congruence between presenter and DVD.

Very good thus far. Now it is up to me to implement!


MTBC Feedback

Everyone at every level strives to get me over the line.

I spent some time getting to the best level I could.

Very happy with my progress.




MasterTrader Bootcamp 19/20 Nov

Everything was fantastic. Thanks for answering all of my many questions.



Sunday, 25 November 2012


Hi Partha

Thanks for such a great week.

You have the patience of an angel, answering every question, multiple times; especially in the training course these last three days.

I feel I have gained another quantum towards my journey of success in trading.

I look forward to repeating these courses until I have achieved my ultimate goals.



Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Live Trading Sessions-Feedback

These sessions are fantastic and really provide “concrete “ support in the learning process. Great overview of fundamentals and technical are given. Both David and Joe to an amazing job to share their experiences. Keep these sessions going.



Monday, 19 November 2012

Hello from Perth

 I did the two-day intensive course in Sydney in mid-July, and have since then more than doubled my initial investment with Axitrader.

 The result was a lot better than I expected after just three months of very much part-time trading. I spend on average only about three hours a day trading.

 The amazing thing is I have never been a ‘numbers’ person, yet through the K2A course I easily adapted to the new world of foreign exchange.

 I’m so glad I went to the seminar. John Bigatton gave invaluable advice too during the coaching sessions.

 Thanks for providing a line of good income in my twilight years.




Course Feedback FX 16/17 Nov

100% this course and help for me to set the coach and thanks for this knowledge to share with me.


Great Presenter - Saira

Saira is an excellent presenter.

She makes learning fun.



Ultimate Forex Course 16/17 Nov

Thank-you for allowing me to attend the course. It was fun and lots more things to learn to become a successful trader.

Thank-you, Ferdinand.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Learning experience

Hi Danielle,

I am watching the Bootcamp today but need to go back to work - it would be good to be able to catch up later (via wealth stream).

Everything is going well – I am enjoying the learning experience too! Still trying to get a routine happening so my day flows easily.



Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bootcamp 14-15 November

Thank you very much.

I appreciate the time and openness you shared with us.

Appreciate the life skills that this also includes in the process.




Excellent! They made it fun too!

Very positive so far, I just wish I lived closer to take advantage of the coaching and facilities here at K2A.



Bootcamp 14/15 November


Some aspects of the course seemed to move too quickly for me especially when I miss the beginning of the subject/concept.

I enjoy Forex Trading and I consider K2A is a very good organization to teach trading. The course detail is good and the trainers and staff are patient, very capable and friendly.




Great, looking forward to a good year!

I had to play catch up but I found after the first day I was a much better trader.

I got what I expected, hands on was great.




Bootcamp 14-15 Nov 2012

I attended Bootcamp 14-15 Nov 12.

Very glad I made it here and definitely will help on taking my trading from very, very, very beginner up one more level. I appreciate Joe and Partha help and expertise, very impressed.

It wasn’t all new info, but re-inforcement as well. However, many small comments/tips are going to make all the difference.

Phil McPhee

P.S Was only doing discretionary trades before Bootcamp (with mixed success). Now feel more confident on implementing strategies taught on Ult Forex Course.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Live Trading

Thank you David. It is really good to get a little insight into how you think about trading and to witness your assessment processes. It is a real confidence booster.




Ultimate Forex Course Feedback

I really enjoyed the weekend (Ultimate Forex Course), and looking forward to continually working with the coaches and mentors that the K2A have to offer.  I may not be as quick to grasp as others have, but am very keen and excited to learn all about Forex Trading and the rewards that come with it.

Will look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.




Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hi Robert

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you spent with me by phone last night to get everything up and running.  You went over and above the call of duty, leaving the office late to help me.  I really appreciate it.  It must have been frustrating for you but unfortunately I am a real novice when it comes to operating an Apple Mac! Your patience was outstanding!

Thank you so much.  I'm really excited now that I'm up and running and look forward to placing my first trade.





Ultimate Forex + Saira

Saira was a fantastic presenter. Good to have a female perspective on trading and role model. Very motivating and professional trainer/coach.

I have felt very comfortable and happy with all aspect of the program to date. Good to keep relatively simple at this stage to avoid confusion and analysis which I have experienced with other programs.

Thanks, Lisa

On the money!

The right product, in the right place, at the right time. In other words “on the money!”



Ultimate Forex Course 10/11 Nov

A very positive experience.

A lot of good information was presented.

Very helpful staff.

Very detailed manual.

Thanks, Neryl


Ultimate Forex Course Australia

Great presenter, really good teaching style and great at motivating. Overall my experience was amazing. I tried to learn Forex by reading books and watching videos and I wouldn’t have learnt all I know over the past two days if I didn’t do the course. I think getting more younger people involved would be good as well.



Friday, 9 November 2012

Feedback on Live Trading Sessions

HI Danielle,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the live trading sessions. They're really fantastic. What I find the biggest help is watching how Joseph and David analyse the charts for potential trades, particularly when it looks like a certain pair is setting up nicely... I think for them it might be a bit boring as it seems there may not be many people talking to them.

Just wanted to give you that little bit of feedback.


- Conrad


Live trading sessions are fantastic!



The live trading sessions have been fantastic. Reinforcing what to look for when trading and giving helpful advice.


Regards Margaret


Thursday, 8 November 2012

1 hour Trading webinars

Thanks K2A
I have sat in on the last two webinars, one with David and one with Joe, and I reckon these are some of the best sessions that I can learn from,to be fired up more, and listen to regularly and  repeatedly to gain discipline in my rules of trading. I would like these to be a regular feature of the calendar forever...especially since we are in Perth, and training is difficult; much better face to face. This is the next best thing.
May just have to limit the verbal interaction for the presenter. We do not know what the questions being sent through are, David/Joe may need to repeat for all concerned.
Love it..



Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Live Trading Sessions


I really value these live trading sessions as it is a great way to get a different point of view on what I was thinking on the news and some potential trade setups that have been developing during the day.

This even more than the bootcamps improves my confidence placing more trades than usual when trade setups are being discussed and when Joseph and or David say the are taking a certain trade. For me it allows quicker learning when I see confirmed what I was thinking or getting a new insight to a trade or news.

Current setup is good with certain news events highlighted and potential or taken trades discussed while at the same time being able to ask questions.




Finding work through Forex

After I graduated from Uni, I found it very difficult to find a banking and finance job as a graduate. This might be caused by various reasons but I believe the most significant one was that I did not have any work experience relevant to financial markets. After I went to the Ultimate Forex course and 3 one-on-one coaching sessions which was held by Grant, I knew I could make something happen this time with my FX Knowledge. I started to send resumes out with my certificate issued by K2A, and I got responses from several financial institutions. After I interviewed with them, I got an offer from Compass Global Markets which is one of the biggest FX brokers in Australia. I believe this results from the Ultimate Forex course.

Thanks, Amanda


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Live Trading Sessions

Hi David


Thanks for your webinar last evening.

Just like to pass on that I like the format/opportunity that it presents.

While I do not have any questions it is good to follow your thinking behind the market(s) and trade possibilities.


I look forward to more of the same.