Sunday, 21 October 2012

So far I am up 25% on my account…My best trade to date has been a winner of +6.9% (in one trade) and this only was possible due to the direct coaching I received from David and Partha, as they have taught me how to specifically “let my winning trades run…”.

I decided to choose Knowledge to Action because…I know the power and wisdom of learning from people who have “been there and done that” (as I am in the training profession myself), though more importantly is to learn from people who are successful and still trading in today’s markets and not necessarily based on strategies (or techniques) from outdated strategies from years ago. K2A (and in particular David Long and Partha Banerjee) have been and continue to be brilliant guides and mentors in my learning and development of forex trading. I researched many forex education company’s before choosing K2A and I am so glad I decided to go with K2A!

If you are truly serious about making money from Forex, then it is an absolute must to do the Unlimited Wealth program. As with anything in life, the hours and effort need to be invested to develop a real understanding of what trading is and how to trade the markets. The Master Trader and Bootcamp programs are great, though without doubt the greatest benefit of UW is the continual learning and teaching you receive from the coaches. The coaching has enabled me to get very detailed on developing a specific trading plan which suits me, my lifestyle and my personality, which I don’t think I would have been able to do without the extra coaching sessions. To have access to great mentors and people who are in the markets trading each day is paramount and K2A have the best in the business!





I'm great! I traded Monday-Friday the first week and took some hits but i learned alot about using the daily, hourly and 5 min Trends as well as the 20 EMA to find trades it was good and on friday i took 40 pips.




Dear David, Partha (and the rest of the K2A team)

Thank you for being such a great company (and people) to learn from, my journey with learning forex has been well worth the investment with you guys. Although I have invested the money into the UF and UW programs (and hold myself fully accountable for the results), having daily access to you for any questions and queries I have is brilliant and vital in the learning process. The ‘additional’ learning and guidance you provide above and beyond the K2A programs and strategies is to me the real part of the investment which has been worth it and I truly believe it would have taken me many more years to learn without your wisdom. By the time my UW program is completed I fully plan to make forex trading my fulltime cashflow strategy (while continuing to invest in property), which I would not have thought possible 8 months ago!

For anyone considering making the investment into the Unlimited Wealth program, I would without hesitation strongly recommend you do it – only as long as you are serious about investing the additional TIME required to develop your skills and understanding of trading and the markets.

“K2A can and will open the door, but you are the one who has to walk through…!”