Monday, 3 December 2012

Mastertrader with Partha

I enjoyed the simplicity and clarity – with good visual aids.

Plus, the occasional humorous moments!

Darrell Hall


Forex Mastertrader

Lauren and the girls are all excellent in their approach to customer management.

Partha, your presentation style is excellent; however the real value you add is when you talk to actual charts and we get to see how you look at each new technical situation. Practicals are completely appropriate in terms of quality and content.


Mastertrader Partha

Partha’s presentation has been exceptional. His presentation is run at a pace so everyone can comprehend the content and absorb the information thoroughly. The content of this course has given me the confidence I can become a very good FX trader.

Thank you so much.



Mastertrader Forex

Enjoyed Partha’s humour and encouragement to participate and I have learnt that ‘anything can happen’.

Great to have practicals – some were too advanced for my level so soon but it’s good to see how they work.



Mastertrader course

Partha is extremely knowledgeable and his experience in trading provides a full background/insight in all strategies presented plus some.



Forex Bootcamp

The knowledge to Action team have been very helpful with any queries I have had. I thought they were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

The trading examples were very useful – the more the better!

A simple handout on the basic rules/check points for each strategy would be good to start with.

Thank you




MTBC with Partha

Thanks for your positive and competent input, teaching styles and sharing of your trading knowledge. Appreciate your personal styles and ability to explain set ups and technical analysis. Also, your individual approaches to trading is great to hear and assimilate into my own experiences.

Practical component of Bootcamp is really valuable – coupled with technical and fundamental analysis is worthwhile. Actual trade set ups and strategies are personally confirming.




Great combination – enjoyed two presenters working off each other.

I got more perspective. I now understand the importance of a plan. I have seen first hand the power of it.

I enjoyed the course – I will be back!




After doing five Bootcamps, I still find the experience exceedingly worthwhile. There’s always new stuff to learn and the presenters did a superb job balancing the wide experience and background of the attendees with professionalism and humour. The new rules for IG, Pivot, and Sniper were appreciated.

Thanks for the helpful hints and knowledge shared.



Forex Bootcamp

Presentations from both presenters were presented with authority, calmness and accuracy. Questions were answered with a theoretical response requiring a thought process from the delegates on information already provided which was excellent providing a great learning environment.



Bootcamp Sydney

The last couple of Bootcamps where looking for trade set ups was the focus has been far superior for me in terms of understanding what to do. I have been in UW for 9 months and haven’t had a clue about how to do this until now. I hope I can now apply it quickly enough to make profit before my UW program ends.

Only now do I have a reasonable idea of how to go about trading.




Excellent Bootcamp. Thank you Evelyn and Partha for your wonderful insight and sharing knowledge for our future trading. I feel I now have more goals to continue along the journey. You have lifted all students to another level!

Brilliant closing session,




MTBC Sydney

Very good presentation – really appreciate the trade analysis, strategies and actual trade executions.

Confirms strategies and adds great value.

Thank you.


Mastertrader Bootcamp

Best course so far – internet pretty good.

Partha fantastic.

All quality content not caught up with basic computer stuff and other distractions.



Durban Coaching

Hi Hannah,

We have just completed the 2-day Bootcamp in Durban with Iain Giffen.
It was an incredible 2 days, and Iain was an outstanding coach. The whole Durban contingent built a very solid bond with Iain, and would like to continue to build on this relationship.
Thanks and regards