Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Knowledge to Action online webinar

I attended the Master Trader Elite and Master Trader Bootcamp via webinar earlier this month.

Overall my experience was very positive, the presenters were attentive to questions raised via the webinar interface and most of the discussion was easily interpreted and heard.

The only difficulty I had was hearing questions and discussions raised by attendees in the training room. In most cases I was able to decipher what was raised via the presenters response.

Would be nice to hear everything that goes on in the training room, however it is not a huge problem for me.


Looking forward to the live market updates, I think they will be very helpful.





Live Streaming Feedback

Hi Danielle,

In regard to the live streaming I / we  think they are great. From the first few hitches to the quality that we are now receiving is fantastic. The different styles of the presenters is interesting.

Partha likes to have a discussion with group first. I am tuning in to his voice better. His presentation is excellent as is his knowledge. His answers to the questions are great.

Joe is also fantastic with his knowledge, his presentation style  Is very good but sometimes jumps of the subject  a bit. When Joe is scanning the market I/we feel it would be a great help if Joe said what he was looking for e.g. remind us what we should be looking for by saying he is looking to see where the EMAs are positioned, ring Hi/low, NR4, etc this would reinforce what we need to know and remember.  

David, excellent presentation and knowledge. Very valuable information given out to help us to be better traders and where to find info. Doesn’t beat about the bush. David also needs to repeat questions.

When Joe and David work together there is magic in the air, they work so well together. Over all I would listen to presenters all day. Eventually it will all click.

In summary: Hammer home what we are looking for in a potential good trade. The only other thing to make it excellent would be is record the presentations.

Thank you K2A for giving us  this great way to attend these very valuable sessions. Certainly saves us the cost of travel and accommodation.  We treat the live streaming  as though we are in class.

Thank you,

Jean and Henry


Wealth Stream

The system (wealth stream) worked very well and the content was very good. I am finding it a great way to keep in touch and informed.

Many thanks




Going the extra mile...

I do appreciate the Midweek Market Focus and would like to extend my gratitude to Partha who shared his knowledge with me in my previous 2 coaching sessions and am looking forward to use my last one in the near future.
My previous dealings with other people there such as Partha, Michelle and Richard had always been a good experience -they never hesitate to go an extra mile to help. Gestures and how they make you feel makes all the difference sometimes. They had been fantastic and must say great assets to your team.

Kind regards,