Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MasterTrader Re sit


Partha: You kept me awake!

You get me asking questions!!

You made it fun!!!



MasterTrader Elite


Partha is very precise in telling us various methods of trading.

Slower pointing out path to information on eSignal which is better – easier for class to follow. Does this many times so students start to memorise paths.

Thank you.



I am on the run at present couple of days work and then have meetings this morning and then back into this afternoon.

I had a 5 % profit last week and my account is up 4% overall so heading in the right direction just need more consistency and I think that is experience.





Proprietary Trader Course 6th/7th October 2012

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say thank you for the course over the weekend, I really enjoyed it and am very keen to get cracking. The pace of the course and content were spot on!

It feels like a lot to take in as I was one of the newbies to trading, before Saturday I hardly new what a Pip was so my head was hurting at the end a bit but I'm sure with hard work I'll get there.



PDF checklist

Hi Tom,


Firstly,thank you for a fantastic weekend, the course was fantastic and very insightful, I feel that I am a stronger trader from attending and I'm thoroughly looking forward to working together as I advance through my  proprietary trading career, as I am now a fully fledged prop trader with money under management, exctley where I set out to be 18 months ago. Awesome


Again thank you Tom.


Best regards



Prop Trader - very nice feedback for Prop!

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your words of encouragement - they have certainly come true, as has your prop trader strategy - thank you for both!

This evening, my prop account had made 315 pounds profit on 4 live trades, bringing me to 2% up!
It was so difficult to stick with the rules but I did do it and you are right, it has paid off.
So, even though the profit is not yet banked, and I do not want to wait to be stopped out, I will...because you told me to!

The lesson for me is to really just stick with the rules, even if its hard.
I am definitely feeling more confident both with the strategy and in myself for being able to spot the trades.
Thankyou for this strategy. It has changed the way I trade, and I feel it suits my lifestyle with my family. This strategy is my plan now.
I am glad I did the Prop Trader course so soon after starting, as it has helped me to form good habits.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
best wishes