Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Knowledge to Action online webinar

I attended the Master Trader Elite and Master Trader Bootcamp via webinar earlier this month.

Overall my experience was very positive, the presenters were attentive to questions raised via the webinar interface and most of the discussion was easily interpreted and heard.

The only difficulty I had was hearing questions and discussions raised by attendees in the training room. In most cases I was able to decipher what was raised via the presenters response.

Would be nice to hear everything that goes on in the training room, however it is not a huge problem for me.


Looking forward to the live market updates, I think they will be very helpful.





Live Streaming Feedback

Hi Danielle,

In regard to the live streaming I / we  think they are great. From the first few hitches to the quality that we are now receiving is fantastic. The different styles of the presenters is interesting.

Partha likes to have a discussion with group first. I am tuning in to his voice better. His presentation is excellent as is his knowledge. His answers to the questions are great.

Joe is also fantastic with his knowledge, his presentation style  Is very good but sometimes jumps of the subject  a bit. When Joe is scanning the market I/we feel it would be a great help if Joe said what he was looking for e.g. remind us what we should be looking for by saying he is looking to see where the EMAs are positioned, ring Hi/low, NR4, etc this would reinforce what we need to know and remember.  

David, excellent presentation and knowledge. Very valuable information given out to help us to be better traders and where to find info. Doesn’t beat about the bush. David also needs to repeat questions.

When Joe and David work together there is magic in the air, they work so well together. Over all I would listen to presenters all day. Eventually it will all click.

In summary: Hammer home what we are looking for in a potential good trade. The only other thing to make it excellent would be is record the presentations.

Thank you K2A for giving us  this great way to attend these very valuable sessions. Certainly saves us the cost of travel and accommodation.  We treat the live streaming  as though we are in class.

Thank you,

Jean and Henry


Wealth Stream

The system (wealth stream) worked very well and the content was very good. I am finding it a great way to keep in touch and informed.

Many thanks




Going the extra mile...

I do appreciate the Midweek Market Focus and would like to extend my gratitude to Partha who shared his knowledge with me in my previous 2 coaching sessions and am looking forward to use my last one in the near future.
My previous dealings with other people there such as Partha, Michelle and Richard had always been a good experience -they never hesitate to go an extra mile to help. Gestures and how they make you feel makes all the difference sometimes. They had been fantastic and must say great assets to your team.

Kind regards,


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

GoToWebinar (Knowledge to Action's streamed courses)

I enjoyed the GoToWebinar’s (streaming of courses online) that I watched both course and bootcamp. I believe you have good presenters and their efforts are appreciated.




Wealth Stream

As it was very difficult for me to attend the Bootcamp due to a number of reasons I found it (wealth stream) to be the best way I could expand my knowlege on Forex Trading. I enjoyed the friendly relaxed manner of Joseph and David and I felt confident with their background knowledge of the material they were presenting.  Their voices were easy to listen to and they spoke clearly.

As we were looking at live trades it was difficult to predict what was going to happen so the content was very much reliant on the market trends, I felt, this posed some problems. I also need to know how to use the charts more effectively so this slowed me down, my technical expertise is lacking.
I was unable to place any trades with the group as I was unable to organise myself quickly enough. Now that I know what to expect , hopefully I will be more comfortable with the next session.
I will be attending all other webinars that become available for this is the best option for me.
Thank you,


Monday, 29 October 2012

Unlimited Wealth Delegate

Hi James!


I just wanted to send this quick message to thank you for the chat we had at the course and the opportunity you have given me. I met up with David Long here in Brisbane last week at the bootcamp and he's great. He's an absolute perfect match for me as I have found my worst trading quality... I'm extremely aggressive. He's good in that he takes me down a notch! haha. I'm sure you know Joseph, I'm exactly like him!


This week I've smashed my target, hitting 210 pips for the week!


I've got two books, recommended by David, on the way for me to read and I'm heading down to Sydney for another bootcamp, trading on the floor and the master trader course in November.


It's not that I wouldn't have made this happen with my trading without you but having that chat really put the extra winning spin on my mindset to realise my goal.


Thanks again and hopefully see you in Sydney sometime!


- Conrad


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for your introductory email.  I hope you enjoy your stay in SA. 

I am a Cape Town delegate.  My husband and I did your June course in Cape Town.  I have since done the MT too  We have progressed sufficiently to feel the need to move on to using a different broker and trading floor, and so would like to cancel our use of ESig and ETX.  Please could you let me know how to go about this.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank K2A  for the AMAZING boot camp we attended last week in Cape Town with Iain Giffen.  He is so knowledgeable  and an excellent 'teacher'  -  I feel so fortunate to have him as a coach and mentor.  We would all like to request more boot camps with him!!!

Many thanks, and I hope that we get to meet some time soon - when you come down to Cape Town.

Take care and have a great week.

Kind regards,

Siân King


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Forex course Sydney


The course content is excellent especially for those with previous knowledge or trading experience. Very positive but would have been excellent if I had more previous knowledge. Love them all.



Forex course


Great and interesting and made class lively and exciting! Fantastic and good follow up with phone calls.



Ultimate Forex Sydney 27 Oct


The guys made me feel very comfortable with my decision. John, on the DVD worried me. Very experienced but did not seem to close out issues. Saira spent time closing out. She is a excellent presenter/teacher and was happy to share her experiences (good & bad). For an introductory course she gave us great comfort.

You guys do this very well. I am impressed and will continue my journey with you.



Forex Course


It has been a great experience! All the presenters had lots of character and great knowledge which they shared. I would definitely be back to see and learn from them and many more from other presenters.

As a novice, there was plenty of material. Defo worth it!

Love your work, keep it up!



Forex Course North Sydney


A good start to learn forex.

Not too complicated or academic.



Forex Course North Sydney

I do feel more confident after viewing DVD’s and attending course. I would like to engage more practicals, however overall experience was good.

I understand the need to engage in urgency; however the sales/push was a little abrupt to begin with. However staff are approachable and this feeling reduced over the course of the weekend.



Ultimate Forex Course Sydney


Absolutely excellent I have learnt lots over the last couple of days.

Many thanks!



Friday, 26 October 2012


A great 2 days! It was good to review the ATM again and this time it was all presented very clearly and concisely. An excellent 2 days which tidied up a few “loose ends” for me, plus greatly improved my understanding of this highly technical topic.  The class’s queries were answered in a 1st class manner so the whole class benefited from the discussions. The additional information from Paul was excellent and really appreciated. Thanks Paul!!


Thursday, 25 October 2012


Just thought I would drop a quick note to say that I found this weeks MWMF really excellent.
One of the things I am not confident with is Forex and I found I understood so much better after Joseph talking us through those examples.
Also, even after my assessment session, I found I was still a bit fuzzy with my goals and I really haven't been paying close enough attention to my trading state.
I think that all of the things you spoke about where things that everyone should refresh as often as possible, because it's so important (and it's importance I feel is often underestimated).
Thanks for a brilliant session - I hope there are more psychology based MWMF in the future!



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bootcamp with David and Joe

Thanks for helping me make the trip to Sydney!

Both presenters did a good job. David was very valuable. Joseph jumped around a bit. Would like to have some material, eg. Rules of Excellence.

I enjoyed the two days.




Monday, 22 October 2012

The power of control



I got on really well thanks!


I made a couple of fantastic trades last week. I started out yesterday hitting +55 pips by the afternoon too... I then gave that all back to the market (striking even by the end of the night). I have nailed my worst trading quality: I'm an extremely aggressive trader - I can make great trades but my problem is staying out of the market afterwards! I'll learn to control it!



- Conrad


Thank you

This is to simply say "Thank You" for your great Webinar presentations - in particular the Event Risk and the most recent one- Analysing the Market.
Your explanations are direct and punchy which helped me immensely with analysing charts and the market. Keep up your great work and thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge and expertise to us.
Happy trading :)


Sunday, 21 October 2012

So far I am up 25% on my account…My best trade to date has been a winner of +6.9% (in one trade) and this only was possible due to the direct coaching I received from David and Partha, as they have taught me how to specifically “let my winning trades run…”.

I decided to choose Knowledge to Action because…I know the power and wisdom of learning from people who have “been there and done that” (as I am in the training profession myself), though more importantly is to learn from people who are successful and still trading in today’s markets and not necessarily based on strategies (or techniques) from outdated strategies from years ago. K2A (and in particular David Long and Partha Banerjee) have been and continue to be brilliant guides and mentors in my learning and development of forex trading. I researched many forex education company’s before choosing K2A and I am so glad I decided to go with K2A!

If you are truly serious about making money from Forex, then it is an absolute must to do the Unlimited Wealth program. As with anything in life, the hours and effort need to be invested to develop a real understanding of what trading is and how to trade the markets. The Master Trader and Bootcamp programs are great, though without doubt the greatest benefit of UW is the continual learning and teaching you receive from the coaches. The coaching has enabled me to get very detailed on developing a specific trading plan which suits me, my lifestyle and my personality, which I don’t think I would have been able to do without the extra coaching sessions. To have access to great mentors and people who are in the markets trading each day is paramount and K2A have the best in the business!





I'm great! I traded Monday-Friday the first week and took some hits but i learned alot about using the daily, hourly and 5 min Trends as well as the 20 EMA to find trades it was good and on friday i took 40 pips.




Dear David, Partha (and the rest of the K2A team)

Thank you for being such a great company (and people) to learn from, my journey with learning forex has been well worth the investment with you guys. Although I have invested the money into the UF and UW programs (and hold myself fully accountable for the results), having daily access to you for any questions and queries I have is brilliant and vital in the learning process. The ‘additional’ learning and guidance you provide above and beyond the K2A programs and strategies is to me the real part of the investment which has been worth it and I truly believe it would have taken me many more years to learn without your wisdom. By the time my UW program is completed I fully plan to make forex trading my fulltime cashflow strategy (while continuing to invest in property), which I would not have thought possible 8 months ago!

For anyone considering making the investment into the Unlimited Wealth program, I would without hesitation strongly recommend you do it – only as long as you are serious about investing the additional TIME required to develop your skills and understanding of trading and the markets.

“K2A can and will open the door, but you are the one who has to walk through…!”



Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bootcamp - Brisbane

Both David and Joseph were fantastic and provided good teaching contrast.



Brisbane Bootcamp


Both presenters were very easy to relate to and answered questions in depth and appropriately.

Trade examples were good, unsuccessful although they helped to clarify entry signals, which was exactly why I came here.



Bootcamp in Brisbane


The guys were helpful, friendly and very passionate about trading.

Everything explained well with details and discussion.

Joe and David’s opposite trading style compliment the course.



Ultimate Forex

Knowledge to Action's 2-day Forex course gave me an insightful introduction on how to tackle the Forex trading market- the tools and techniques you learn are essential to develop a solid foundation for any aspiring trader.


Regards, Kinch.

Brisbane Bootcamp


Thank you David for the Forex checklist – Excellent!

Thank you to both presenters for a great Bootcamp. Learned lots!

Loved coaching sessions and Richard very helpful with eSignal.



Just a quick email....

Hi Zoe

 Just thought I’d drop you a quick email on a couple of points

I’m so thrilled to be part of the K2A learning academy as it’s definitely helping me to achieve my goals

So impressed with Holly’s efficiency, even when there are 10 people hovering around her trying to get information – great ambassador for the business

Impressed with the integrity of the coaches and business.

So all in all, please pass on my comments to all (including Greg) to say (a) Thanks and (b) Well done.


Have a great day.



Many Thanks !

Dear Greg,


                Thank-you for your e-mail, and Many Thanks to you and your team, for all that you have done for me, and for creating such an amazing course !  I am truly grateful to have attended your University,and look foward to returning to further my studies.  May I also say it was an absolute privilige to have been taught by Tom !                                                                   



                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                           Simon Rigas.


feedback on coaching and courses

I would like to commend Jitan as coach and midweek presenter: he is knowledgeable, thoughtful and a good communicator. I cannot fault my coaching sessions with him. His mideweek presentations stand out as being lucid and informative. I would appreciate this appraisal being passed on to whoever manages the coaching sessions and education generally.


best wishes


Hi There!
Can you please thank Clive, Paul and everybody involved for the two-day Forex course. I found it really inspiring and I do appreciate how much time and energy must have gone in to such a polished presentation.
Kind regards

Hi there

Hi Sally,


If you have a moment - I just wanted to give someone senior at KTA some feedback on Adrian (your aussie IT guy).

He just did a superb job helping me with my MacBook today.  I'm not even sure if he is supposed to do that for KTA customers but I had been having real problems getting eSignal sorted on my Mac and he spent some significant time on it for me today.


I really wanted to make sure that he gets my sincere thanks and that his boss or whoever else relevant gets the most positive and grateful feedback about the excellent job he did.


Thanks for any help you can give me in this respect.


Best regards,




Ultimate Forex Profits - Johannesburg 14th and 15th May

Dear Hannah

The course in Johannesburg was FANTASTIC! Gary is an AWESOME presenter!     THANK YOU ALL!

I did ask you on Skype to get me from Gary the web address for the Pips Calculator he projected on the big screen during the last day - please!

Many thanks


Ultimate Forex Profits



To advise that I have since obtained a zip program that has allowed me to access the FX.Indicators upgrade.  This has now installed.  I am waiting for the markets to open to fully test and appreciated the enhanced benefits.


I have received an email from another broker via an introduction courtesy of Clive.  Thank you.  This will enable me to explore further the feasibility of the Income Generator strategy.


I entered my first trade on Friday.  What a rush.  And lost £20.00.  Hey broken the ice and pressed the button. 


A good investment, as on analysis I made quite a number of mistakes that I could readily identify but established that I was perhaps on the right path.


I set an entry price then changed my mind before actually creating an entry buy order to trigger trade. Then I changed my mind again as it appeared nothing was going to happen. As a result my stop loss ended up only a couple of pips above the bottom price.  So got stopped out at the stop loss. 


The exercise taught me and highlighted the following: - 


  • System works restricting/limiting my losses at the stop loss point.
  • I didn't walk away, I sat glued to the screen watching every little pip movement.
  • Learnt not to become emotionally attached (it was fun though being my first trade).
  • Identified that I had let an element of old fashion 'assumption' come in to it and anticipated a direction change to happen quicker than it actually happened.
  • Learnt not to change my mind due to impatience/excitement.
  • Learnt to be more patient before entering trade.  Waiting another 10 minutes and the whole deal would have turned a profit of up to 4:1.
  • I tried later to look for trades that were so obviously not there.  Decided that I had fallen into the trap and closed out for the day. 
  • In essence I broke the rules.

Some learning curve that was!



Thanks again for everything.


Andrew Atkinson


PS: Come on Monday.  Both feet on the ground this time!



Thank you!!

To the Jay and the wonderful team who were present on the weekend, a very big thank you!

You were all, very supportive and at all times helpful.

Jay did a great  presentation.

It was also good to put a face to the emails, and to meet you all personally.

Thanks Again,



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ongoing dedication.

The Bootcamp is great! I'm dedicated to this, the course is going fantastically and everything is going well!

Cheers, Conrad.

Prop Trader

Hi Tom,

Thank you for you comments, I am well on my way back to be over £10,000 soon.
I hope you don't mind that I risked a full 1% on the EURAUD trade you used for us as a case study, the bar was 8 pips more that I could have traded with my current 0.5%, it wasn't meant to be breaking the rules.
I will certainly keep risking 0.5% until you see it is OK to return to 1%.
For me it is more about knowing what I am doing and not about the pressure of making profit right now.

Every trade gives me a valuable exprience. I remember Greg saying that it takes the same effort making £10.00 profit on a trade or £1000.00, so I evaluate my performance in percentages, not in actual profits yet

It is really a GREAT feeling to see my trades doing well - unbelievably GREAT!

Have a great week,


Thursday, 11 October 2012


The enthusiasm and knowledge of the coaches combined with a solid and clear system make the entry into the forex world a smooth and enjoyable experience. I am fully appreciative of the guidance from my coach in my forex journey to success.

Ronald Sathio


I decided to trade foreign exchange to be able to earn what I am earning now with less time. There is so much to learn and one course (UFX) with 3 coaching sessions is just not enough. It is just the beginning of what the possibilities are and I would strongly recommend anyone intending to do Ultimate Forex course to do Unlimited Wealth. I would only say that this was made possible by hundreds of hours I have spent with the manuals and in front of the screen that has helped me to understand the concepts and implement the strategies flawlessly. My coach, Partha, is just brilliant at teaching these strategies. He makes things so simple to understand. He also makes you realize what actually is happening when price reaches a particular support or resistance. I have learnt more from him in 2 sessions than I would have done by spending hours in front of the computer screen. But it is also the hours spent in front of computer screen that actually helps you to understand what he is teaching.

I think we need to treat it as a degree and give it same time and respect as you would to a university degree and I can tell you it pays off BIG TIME.

In the last 2 months since I joined the programme with Knowledge to Action I have increased my account by 15%.

Thanks to Knowledge to Action and Partha Banerjee for guiding me towards my goal of financial independence.

Pankaj S


Invaluable learnings.

The lessons have been invaluable especially you're collective guidance around 60 mins cyclicity for snipers (which I realise I had been completely overlooking).  I've taken the AUD and NZD sniper set ups tonight and both have come in which is a good outcome.  What's most pleasing is the fact that I had confidence in the trades knowing that the cyclicity (and other set up elements) put the probabilities firmly in my favour.  With my knowledge and experience curve constantly growing I am really looking forward to extracting consistent profitability from snipers (and the other strategies) going forward. Have a great weekend and look forward to our next coaching session.


Cheers, Damian

MasterTrader Bootcamp

Thank you for a great two days in the MasterTrader Bootcamp this week.  As always, the input and materials was first-class.  I particularly appreciated the time spent on the new strategies - these add another dimension to our trader tool belt.  I really appreciate the effort you both went to in order to make the bootcamp a success.


Some more Partha LOVE.

Partha, your knowledge, insights, and delivery of the content was wonderful. I thought your Master Trader gave me a lot of insights into how I must look and research when I am trading. Your knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm makes it truly memorable and informative. You have combined your passion, knowledge and friendly manner in a way that makes it enjoyable to share with you. Your stories and anecdotes make it a pleasure to be there and share with you.  Each time I see you I add to my knowledge too. I know I have a lot of work to do, however, I am working diligently through it. I will be guided by you and do all you ask of me so that I can one day say Partha was the key to it all and I owe him so much.



Money Making Day

Just a quick note to express my gratitude and appreciation of your commitment to ensuring my success as a trader on our “money making” day.  Your compassion and unfaltering resolve to help me understand better the intricacies of successful trading transcends expectations and for that I am grateful.  You show a genuine concern for each trader entrusted in your care and your incredible enthusiasm is infectious.  Listening to your plain-spoken, coherent and logical explanations one cannot but improve their knowledge and understanding of this sometimes complex discipline that we have chosen to enter. 


Once again thank you!



Unlimited Wealth

Today when I walked out clutching my day three manual, I had a profound realisation that these manuals represent a genuine passport to wealth. I know I’m enrolled in the ‘Ultimate Wealth’ programme but it was really just grand the potential of what we have available has finally sunk in.  It’s the first time I’ve really grasped the reality of what is possible........ the journey to financial freedom and beyond.  There’s a long way to go before then but today I really felt like the journey has started.  I know I’ve only just finished today’s Master Trader but I’m ready to do it all again.  It was just so huge and so powerful. 


Thanks, John.S


Firstly I really appreciate your patience and great help for my coaching.

Although I still confused a little bit about the strategies, but I figured it out and gained a lot after watching your Midweek video on Wednesday and the coaching on Tuesday this week.

I placed 8 orders and totally won 210 pips in the 1st 4-day this week. I placed 4 orders by Sniper and 3 of them were winning orders. The rest of orders were Pivot, Snapback60 and 2 IG. All of them were winning orders.

I really want to say thanks that I get more and more confident after your coaching sections. I will keep analysing and updating my knowledge during the trading time. My target is to keep my winning results stable and try to get more and more profits.




Jump off the Forex cliff into the unknown.....

Please pass on my appreciation to Dragon for his time and an insightful 2 days. It was a wonderful two day course and everybody I chatted to was very excited to jump off the Forex cliff into the unknown. Also to you and your team for all the backend work and organisation.


Regards, Peter.L

First trade = 25 PIPS!!!

You guys are the greatest! I made 25 pips last night on the first day of opening my live broker account.




Just finished the K2A, Greg Secker DVD's and can say from my initial reading of many FOREX books and tips and tricks taken form internet sites my initial trading DIY was rather a 50-50 affair having applied only a couple of the techniques Greg has mentioned my success rate has change dramatically.


Thanks, Shayne.

Coaches - Rik

Rik is fantastic!  He answered all my questions in such a way that I understood the answers perfectly. Very easy to talk to and very professional but at the same time made me relaxed!



Ultimate Forex

I wish to thank the entire team at K2A for a fantastic Ultimate Forex course. Jay and the support staff were sensational!


Cheers, Damian.

Best Trade

My best trade to date was when I made 50 pips in 45 minutes.  I put my trading success down to following the rules & implementing what I’ve been taught.  If you can follow the rules, you can do it too.



UFX Course

Ten weeks after completing the Ultimate Forex Course, I’ve just had my most successful trading session to date, two and a half hours for $970.  I’m really excited about what the future holds for me.  I put my success down to the sound teachings of Knowledge to Action and the support of my coach.




I have just today finished a 3 day Master Trader Forex course- thank you very much for the very informative, concise, eye opener into the various aspects of trading which I can now add to my Forex trading. Once again many thanks for an informative 3 days.



Thank you!

My best trading period has been the last 2 weeks where I’ve generated 275 pips.  My best trade was on the USD/CHF last week and I made 3% on that trade.  I would recommend Knowledge to Action’s Ultimate Forex Course for anyone who is looking to learn to trade successfully. 

Thank you K2A.




Can I say, Partha continues to impress, enthuse, motivate, challenge and generally gets the group humming - very enjoyable to be a part of this focused education and Partha has a good style of informing, educating and driving individuals and the group. I've found him to be very generous in sharing his knowledge and inspiring me to be a better trader.  Partha is a 5 star credit to K2A!

Ultimate Forex

I would just like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of attending this seminar today.  Stephen the lecturer gave an all inspiring talk and what’s more he explained it all in simple terms and this would have been very difficult to do.  Stephen is brilliant and Ultimate Forex is very privileged to have him.


MT Bootcamp


Got some good insights from this bootcamp.

Got quite a few questions answered.


MasterTrader Bootcamp

Partha is very patient, articulates well, does not speak too fast and is prepared to explain things in detail.




Dear Curt,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for the coaching sessions that you generously provided.

Thank you for your calm and passionate demeanor and most importantly for the transfer value of your teachings. Transfer value, meaning your intent in transferring your knowledge to others. With each coaching session I see and feel massive learning. Keep up the great work.

Kindest Regards



Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Dear Danielle,


Many thanks to you and K2A for your support. I feel so encouraged by this. You are awesome people.


With heartfelt thanks,


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MasterTrader Re sit


Partha: You kept me awake!

You get me asking questions!!

You made it fun!!!



MasterTrader Elite


Partha is very precise in telling us various methods of trading.

Slower pointing out path to information on eSignal which is better – easier for class to follow. Does this many times so students start to memorise paths.

Thank you.



I am on the run at present couple of days work and then have meetings this morning and then back into this afternoon.

I had a 5 % profit last week and my account is up 4% overall so heading in the right direction just need more consistency and I think that is experience.





Proprietary Trader Course 6th/7th October 2012

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say thank you for the course over the weekend, I really enjoyed it and am very keen to get cracking. The pace of the course and content were spot on!

It feels like a lot to take in as I was one of the newbies to trading, before Saturday I hardly new what a Pip was so my head was hurting at the end a bit but I'm sure with hard work I'll get there.



PDF checklist

Hi Tom,


Firstly,thank you for a fantastic weekend, the course was fantastic and very insightful, I feel that I am a stronger trader from attending and I'm thoroughly looking forward to working together as I advance through my  proprietary trading career, as I am now a fully fledged prop trader with money under management, exctley where I set out to be 18 months ago. Awesome


Again thank you Tom.


Best regards



Prop Trader - very nice feedback for Prop!

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your words of encouragement - they have certainly come true, as has your prop trader strategy - thank you for both!

This evening, my prop account had made 315 pounds profit on 4 live trades, bringing me to 2% up!
It was so difficult to stick with the rules but I did do it and you are right, it has paid off.
So, even though the profit is not yet banked, and I do not want to wait to be stopped out, I will...because you told me to!

The lesson for me is to really just stick with the rules, even if its hard.
I am definitely feeling more confident both with the strategy and in myself for being able to spot the trades.
Thankyou for this strategy. It has changed the way I trade, and I feel it suits my lifestyle with my family. This strategy is my plan now.
I am glad I did the Prop Trader course so soon after starting, as it has helped me to form good habits.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
best wishes

Monday, 8 October 2012

FX Course


The course and resources are all great - kudos to K2A! I love learning new things. I suppose i have realised how much of a longer and slower journey this is if you want to do it right - which is fine. I'm glad to have it up my sleeve :) i haven't started live trading yet - just trying to get my head around it all and want to be comfortable and confident before i start using my real pennies!

Thanks again!



Wealth Stream

From my last experiences (with wealth stream), I found the presenters quite good and the content was as usual awesome. I took trades at the same time and enjoy the commentary on why it was a good or great trade, and the process of analysis to place yourself in the high probability of success. Seeing the workings on how to trade and manage the trade is excellent. 


Have a great day




Sunday, 7 October 2012

MasterTrader Pro

An excellent session. A quiet trading time allowed the group to become more aware of correlated topics such as US/AUD index, oil and equities markets, plus various websites to assist our FX trading decision making.


Great as usual.



Happy all round

Nice people with good knowledge. Good exercises, good methodology, I enjoyed it lots. ALL excellent!

Awesome presenters!

Saira + Joseph Rock!!!


Watching the DVD’s confused me and I was concerned if the course was right for me. Being in the classroom makes a huge difference. The presenters, again, are awesome.


Thanks, Catherine



I always learn minimum 1 new thing each time that helps my understanding.

Thanks guys.


Masters of our own path....

Saira is a great presenter and I like the way she used her NLP skills to get us to shift from a place of fear/unknown and get us to be Masters of our own growth path in FX trading.


Ultimate Forex Course

I really enjoyed the use of E-signal in demonstrating basic principles and strategies rather than just notes, well presented course, service was great.


Thanks, Jeeterh

Ultimate Forex Sydney

Hi There

Extremely well presented, I’m thrilled with the presentation and passion put into it by Saira.

Seminar was far superior to the DVD’s (and I thought the DVD’s were good). I liked the additional “off the plan” parts of the presentation.

Keep doing what you’re doing – that is – helping people see there’s more that can be achieved in life than what most people are taught through tradition.



Ultimate Forex Course


Your course and company shows a highest professionalism and care on the students.

Thanks very much!



Wealth Stream

GoToWebinar is great! Good picture, good sound (when it’s on!). The course was good, the best presenter is Partha, I did place trades and there was no problem.


Best regards



Forex Course


They are really helpful and friendly.

Loved the course and lucky to be in this course.

John is the best presenter ever met.



FX Training

John and Saira did a fantastic job.

Can’t wait to get started in trading.

Thanks so much John!





All good, love it.

The more I attend, the more I understand. I can’t wait for it to click 100% and I start moving forward both mentally and pip wise.

Thanks guys!



Forex Bootcamp with David and Joe


Presenters are awesome. David & Joe are the best couple. They give everything they can, answer all questions with so much patience. The give their “all”. Their previous experience as brokers etc is the best information and background as trader coaches. I’m very sad that the course is over. I really enjoy their courses and look forward to the next!




FX Course


Thank you John for being a great presenter!! 10/10

Good balance – keep it like it is!

Appreciate the friendly help/support of all staff!



Forex Course Sydney

Hi there

I cannot fault this course.

Best training I have been on!





Ultimate Forex Course


Both presenters displayed comfortable knowledge in their topics.

Joey  is very personable who relates very well to his students, senses understanding well and has infectious enthusiasm.

Saira demonstrated in depth knowledge and concern about trader psychology pointing out necessary behavior to change outcome.



Graduate Wealth Building Day


Excellent information and reminder.

Both presenters done a great job! It was very interesting, I have learnt a lot and got my optimism back.



Wealth Building Day

Hi Saira and Joey,


I just wanted to say thanks to you both for a good day yesterday at the “Wealth Building Day”.  I found it to be a useful addition to the 2 day course, and it has helped my learning to progress further.  Hopefully, I will get my trading account into the black very soon.


Take care.


Kind regards....Nigel


Friday, 5 October 2012

$970 after 2.5hours!!!!

Ten weeks after completing the Ultimate Forex Course, I’ve just had my most successful trading session to date, two and a half hours for $970. I’m really excited about what the future holds for me. I put my success down to the sound teachings of Knowledge to Action and the support of my coach.


Thanks, Margie.

Knowledge to Action

Knowledge to Action has been a great introduction to the Forex world. They are with you every step of the way to help you become successful in whatever path you choose to take with it.


The power of the coaching sessions!

So far my best trade was a Power Pivot which I took on the GBP/USD last night. I collected 80 pips in a little under 2 hours. My best trading period to date has been the last 2 weeks, and I have been able to grow my account by 6% in that time. I put my success down to the coaching I’ve received from Knowledge to Action.



Taking control

I did the Ultimate Forex Course because I wanted to have complete control of my finances. My best trade was on the USD/CHF and I generated 20 pips in about 2 minutes. The most successful trading period I’ve had was last week. I was trading the Pivot & Sniper strategies, and I generated 300 pips. I have to thank my personal coach for my trading success!


50 pips in 45mins!

My best trade to date was when I made 50 pips in 45 minutes. I put my trading success down to following the rules and implementing what I’ve been taught. If you can follow the rules, you can do it too!


Thanks, Peter

Freedom to quit my job!

I sat the Ultimate Forex course in mid September 2011. In my first two months of trading my account was up 15%. My best trade has been CAD/JPY on Income Generator. Within 24hrs it gave

me 180 pips. I never realised my dreams could be possible but thanks to Knowledge to Action I’m going to be quitting my job in the next 2 weeks. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my life.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bootcamp with David and Joe

Hi There

The guys were great. A subject that everyone learns at their own speed, I really enjoyed the content.

Great Bootcamp, really enjoyed it!




Mastertrader course



With the experience that you have you have given me a real perspective of expectations that I should have towards trading forex.







MasterTrader was precise, to the point. Excellent refinement to strategy. Clear and concise!




Thank you



It was great to see you, I enjoyed my session with Curt yesterday. I am making arrangements so that I can attend the Unlimited Wealth room regularly and make trades.


I am grateful for all the help extended to me by everyone.


Kind regards




Bull by its horns

I grabbed the bull by its horns. I was overzealous in the first week and learnt a lot, was up nearly 10% for the week at one point, then QE3 hit and I didn't realise it. Since I'm a freelancer I can trade all times of the day and for as long as I want, so I believe I'll get to grips with it a lot faster. I think I already have in some respects, but still a lot to learn!





Monday, 1 October 2012

Bootcamp success

Dear Grant


Thanks for your participation in the Bootcamp. Between the ideas you and Partha identified and my own, based on the channel trading stuff you have shared with me I am currently up around 750 pips. Big winner on Snake on EURJPY and big wins based on bounce off channels on USDCAD, USDCHF, EURCAD, EURUSD.  Also traded the AUDUSD ahead of the news as I confident the news would be in the same direction as the trend.


Kind regards and thanks for your support. I do feel that I am getting it.



246 pips and counting....

I am excited to tell you I have banked 246 pips this week with a few more long term ones on the go.  Tonight I think I deserve the night off. Thank you for all your help and support. Also I meant to tell you , that you and Jo were sensational trainers very patient, enthusiastic and encouraging and fun.    

Thanks again Brig


My journey.

Hi K2A,


Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement when I was hitting the wall.  Confirming my losses are not huge did help me to keep it in perspective. I finally got a kick in my butt to review all my trades since I started. It has helped me to tighten my sniper rules (since I mainly trade snipers) and starting to see consistent results. I found out that 90% of my losses were due to overtrading, impulse trading and not following my initial rules. I lost 15% of account instead of making 24%. My account is almost back to square one. Looking back, it was a small price to pay as you said it did help me to strengthen my mental toughness, be more patience and have more confidence to pull the trigger when the setup is confirmed. Before, I was still unsure especially when I was getting inconsistent results.


Now, I am looking forward to more training and coaching from Mastertrader.




Building confidence

Hi Grant,


Firstly I really appreciate your patience and great help for my coaching. Although I am still confused a little bit about the strategies, I figured it out and gained a lot after watching your Midweek video on Wednesday and the coaching on Tuesday this week.


I placed 8 orders and totally won 210 pips in the first 4-days this week. I placed 4 orders by Sniper and 3 of them were winning orders. The rest of orders were Pivot, Snapback60 and 2 IG. All of them were winning orders. I really want to say thanks that I get more and more confident after your coaching sections. I will keep analysing and updating my knowledge during the trading time. My target is to keep my winning results stable and try to get more and more profits.




What a journey....



As you know I am off back to Perth next Sunday so I wanted to say thanks for the incredible journey that you encouraged me to take back in March 2012. I moved to Sydney in April and I can’t believe the support of the whole K2A team and the process of sorting a dumb rooky out and turning him into a Trader that understands how the charts work and the capability of trading full time and ability to not only replace my income but make some serious money as well. PATIENCE  I have never heard a word used so much nor did I realise what a hard word it is to understand and obey. Thanks for you kind words of encouragement, understanding and friendship over the last four months, and for setting me up in a wonderful business.


I will return next year to my office with the view


Thanks and fond regards



Ultimate Forex Course

I just wanted to say thank you to you both for a very enjoyable and instructive 2 days at the Ultimate Forex program.  While I have traded shares for many years, I had not considered forex as a serious option for me until a few months ago.


I am now comfortable that I have the basics to get me started on this journey as a result of this course and the pre-course materials.   I know that I still have plenty to learn, but I have at least now got some good “training wheels” to help me get underway.


Thanks for your passion, and making the two days a great experience.


Kind regards……………Nigel


Bootcamp Results

Just a short note to say thank you for all the great advice imparted during the Boot Camp last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and had further success after it finished. FYI my results for May ended up as follows:


PIPS earned 2,311

Trading success rate 73%

ROI of 4% (based on the my full account size which is well over six figures)

21 consecutive winning trades and 28 out of the last 29 winning trades.


I think I’m getting the hang on this, and look forward to working with you going forward, so keep up the good work.


Please thank Grant also (I don’t have his email), and let him know his UIG trade on NZDUSD came home nicely!






Dear Partha,


I have listened to quite a few of your presentations and it is about time to let you know that you are by far the best presenter at K2A! Thank you very much for clearly laid out eSignal charts and sharing your in-depth knowledge with us. In pointing out what we cannot (yet) see, you are assisting us tremendously in becoming better traders. Thank you!


Best regards


MT Bootcamp

Grant, Partha and team


Thanks for a great 2 days I learnt so much more and it was worth trip over from the west.


As you can see some great results over night some 10% up . Hopefully I can hold the profit over the next 5 hours flight home.


I think I am on the path of more consistent results and for thank many thanks !


Kind regards




The sequence of my two consecutive coaching sessions today on ATM has, for me, created probably the most personally rewarding and productive 1½ hours of one-to-one coaching it would be possible for KTA to initiate for an older delegate like me who joins the ATM programme  -  or even UW.  One excellent hour was spent with Richard, specifically on installing and executing all the necessary basic ATM computer functions, followed by an invaluable half-hour with Lachlan to establish an appropriate activity schedule for me to lead on to the next one hour session with him and further brief follow-ups with Richard as required. 

Regards, Ian


MasterTrader Sydney


Thanks again for a great MT event!

As you said, each time you sit it you learn more and more – and definitely was this case for this one, it’s assisted me to be even more specific with rules and trading!

Think I am now getting an understanding of this Phase trading thing…!


Have a couple of coaching sessions with you next week – so speak then…







Hi David,


Thanks for a great course - my head is still spinning, but I know I learnt a lot!

It was a privilege to be taught by you.




Wealth Stream

The Bootcamps by webinar are great. One of the major helps from Knowledge to Action for those of us not living in Sydney. Especially for slow learners and those time poor like me!!!


Thanks and Regards,



hi Sarah-Jane,

Thanks for your email regarding the Master Trader Course which I attended by Webinar. I have to say Emmanuel was a great tutor. It was very clearly presented and easy to follow online. It was easy enough to follow the practicals most of the time and I really enjoyed the course. Emmanuel responded to all questions I sent through.

I have to say its fantastic that I can attend some of these courses by Webinar due to my location in Scotland it's not always easy to get away for a large number of days in the month. Each presenter has different styles and approaches and I find it great to get different view points.

On another note, I attended the Forex Bootcamp with Mark and Nishal last week and haven't given feedback yet. Like Emmanuel they were very clear in their presentations and I certainly get the feeling from all of them that they are very keen for us all to master trading successfully. They all were very supportive and gave thorough explanations. It's very clear their depth of knowledge and drive to develop others.

regarding contact prior to the course, I thought this was extremely clear and well timed. Getting an email each day meant I didn't have to trawl through my inbox to get the log in details. You made it so easy thank you.

Many thanks for allowing me to attend this by Webinar, it was fantastic.

Kind Regards