Sunday, 9 December 2012


Thank you for the wonderful, friendly support.

Best Wishes,

A delegates progress.....

Hi Danielle,

All is going well, I've been having my coaching with David which is really good.

Have been practicing my trading in my demo account still, just playing around with the Income Generator and the Sniper (which I really like).

Need to spend some time now studying the workbook and becoming familiar with the charts and how to read them correctly.

I'm now very familiar with using the charting and trading software.

Thanks again,



Live Trading Sessions

Joe is verbally very descriptive and a great coach.  I was able to follow his messages through just listening and occasionally pulling up my own chart to add to the dialogue.
To add to this - these one hour sessions are an extra to our subscription so I hope no-one complained.  The boys bend over backwards to keep us moving forward and I find their analysis and broader comments a fantastic asset at my level.   So any little glitches are just part of life.  Just like the market.
Kind Regards