Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Since I have not been actively involved with trading, I take this bootcamp as a means to go through the fundamentals that we touched on in the course; further to revise the work that is necessary to get back to trading. The BootCamp has provided me with the opportunity to realise that is it possible to trade given the available resources at my disposal I have to adjust my activities to adapt the knowledge that I have gained today and execute in my trades.


Thank you for the presentation!





Today was a great learning experience, very hands on which was great.


It was an incredible experience with awesome people. Thank you!

Hi Team


I enjoyed the trading strategies and the psychology part – very interesting, influential  and motivating!

The training venue has a good set up for conducive learning.




All the pieces are falling together

It’s so good to come and interact with other delegates and hear their progress.


David S

Trading Today

This morning’s trading session refreshed my memory and boosted the understanding of the FX course material as well as the coaching sessions I took. I found is useful particularly the part on emotional mastery.


Blessing Zulu

This is excellent value for money. There have been insightful ‘nuggets’ about strategies and tools from Ashley’s session today.


Helen Audrews

This really got me back into focus. Good revision. More focus on price action then just the signals. Overall I am happy. All is good.







Thank you to the K2A Team

Very Informative

Very Professional


Mark Allen



Ashley’s Training was Superb!!!!