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  1. Hi Paul

    I recently attended a seminar.... What do you think of the product?

    1. Hi there

      I think the product is great for people who have a genuine interest in making money from trading. Of course there are risks with trading, but being taught risk management on the course is a great benefit.

    2. Hi Paul,
      I am associated with the Learn to Trade sister company in Australia. The coaching is really good. However, initially, I thought it was quite expensive, but since last December delegates have access to live streaming which means that we can access seminars from home. Now I consider the program excellent value for money!

  2. My name is David Logan and I do not work in anyway whatsoever for Knowledge to Action. I attended one of their two day workshops over 2 years ago.
    It was absolutely packed with information and, included a very comprehensive handbook.
    My overall impression was that absolutely everybody who worked for K.T.A. wanted all participants to make money from trading.
    The back up service was an still,is second to none and, everybody becomes part of a "family" and, nothing is too much trouble to help and advise.
    Unfortunately at solely my fault I didn't follow the sacred rules taught of always putting a stop loss on each trade and, only using a stake of 2% of your capital. I became overconfident after 9months or so and was on a winning streak with the inevitable result of over trading, not following the files and therefore made some considerable loss.
    However, none of my loss was due to K.T.A. and, they continued to advise and support me.
    Without a doubt I will recommend any body to attend any of their seminars and, just talk to them as, you will always without doubt find them very very reactive In answering any queries.
    Many companies should look to K.T.A. as company to learn from in dealing with customers, staff and generally pay attention to the "world" and what is happening in the world and, see how we can all contribute to making the world a better place for all of us to live in.
    Kind regards,
    David Logan.

  3. Hi I just attended Prop Trader and thoroughly enjoyed the course. If there are any sceptics out there who think I am part of K2A, I can assure you that my only affiliation is from a customer's perspective who paid for and received the training, nothing more and nothing less. I am a regular guy and have no bias whatsoever and am under no influence to write this.
    Prop Trader really does compliment the Ultimate FOREX profits course which I took in May this year. It is a completely different style of trading which I find better suits my lifestyle. There is a lot more technical analysis which is done "offline" BEFORE you decide on what to trade.
    As always, K2A place great importance on teaching risk management and sensible trading also. It is taught by professionals who have excellent knowledge and real live experiences.
    Before I decided to invest in my training and education, I researched many ways available on the internet to gain these skills and education. I decided on K2A for the following reasons:
    1. You have access to real professional traders and not just academics who have not experienced what it is like to trade at the "coal face".
    2. The quality of the material and teaching is exemplary. The facilities in the London K2A offices are excellent (I visited these before deciding to spend money with K2A, and asked them all the difficult questions before hand). Needless to say the answers met my expectations.
    3. The atmosphere during the training is friendly but yet business like and very professional, as you would expect.
    4. You are not left on your own once you have attended the training. K2A follow up with one to one coaching sessions with professional traders, midweek market reviews by video and Q&A sessions and regular "Trader News Reports". These are produced by I can only deduce are expert market analysts. Their people are truly Top Drawer.
    People often ask me "how cheap is it". My reply is "in my experience nothing in life that is truly worthwhile is achieved without some cost, sacrifice or hard-work, a better question to ask me it value for money?, to which I give a resounding YES".
    I am delighted I invested my money in K2A for my training and education and have absolutely no regrets. They provide very high quality products. 'Looking forward to my " Prop Trader bootcamp" in September.

  4. Learn to Trade (aka Knowledge to Action) seems like a well run organisation. The traders/coaches are professional and readily available on skype or via emails. The support staff seem very well trained and have always been prompt and efficient, in my dealings.

    There does seem to be a bit of drip-feeding - to get better trades/results you need to buy the advanced/more expensive courses. But I don't see any alternative, since you can't learn it all in one go.

    I've been trading with my money for seven months and, in retrospect, should have used my demo account for longer than two weeks. I haven't lost much (good risk management, as mentioned in the comment above) and long term profitability seems very close.

    It's not a get-rich-quick scheme that they offer, in my opinion, but I still intend to get rich, eventually, using the trading techniques that they have taught me.

    Quentin Reynolds

  5. Hi, I recently attended the two day Prop Trader course at the London K2A office. I would say that the course tutor was extremely knowledgeable and certainly knew his subject. He had a great teaching style and the atmosphere was friendly but business like and very professional. I was absolutely delighted. Prop Trader is an excellent course which teaches an alternative method of trading with lot's of analysis and certainly suits my lifestyle perfectly.
    I also attended the Ultimate FOREX Profits course and Prop Trader compliments this very well. All the K2A employees including Tutors, Coaches and admin staff I have found to be very professional Top Drawer people who really take their teaching and coaching responsibilities very seriously and want us all to succeed. This is an excellent value for money product. Not cheap but then again in my experience nothing worthwhile in life is. Keep on with the great work K2A.
    I would also state that I am not an employee of K2A, just a very satisfied and delighted client.

  6. It has been six months since I attended my first FX course with K2A, and during this time I've already attended several other courses and bootcamps provided by the UW programme. Even though the cost to join it is quite high for South African standards, it was really worthwhile. Having the opportunity to interact with real professional traders in a continuous basis was just priceless to building my confidence and skills. Trading requires dedication and discipline, and K2A does provide all that is needed to get there!


  7. From my own experience in Sydney I can only write kind words to all the team at K2A. I think it is commendable how they keep trying to improve their courses, which ultimately means a better education and understanding of market mechanics. From here I'd also like to send a special thanks to James, Lauren and Partha. You guys are doing a great job!

  8. Hi all,

    I have to admit i was skeptical when i first attended the preview "freebie" seminar. It sounded too good to be true, and often when you hear about things like this, they generally are. Having fallen foul to a few scams in the past, timeshare and land property (yes i have to hold my hand up to these also!) i had, i would say a "healthy" level of skepticism! Having said this, i found the preview seminar to be realtively content rich with the expected smatterings of selling. I came about the seminar as a colleague at work was doing quite well using Greg Seckers fx system, so i am probably not your average punter given i was referred by somone i know and trust.
    I took the plunge and hand on heart i have to say i consider this to be one of the best decisions i have made. Like others on this blog, i am not an associate of the business.
    First of all i found the team to be a really helpful and committed group to work with. Secondly, I found the live trader coaching to be fantastic - It literally was the difference for me that made the greatest difference. Being relatively competent with computers i found the concepts and strategies easy to grasp.

    Here's my summary...

    The worst bits

    No catered lunch (i know the focus is on making money, but the closest restaurant was quite a walk - hint: take a pack lunch)

    Setup - i didn't setup my software before the programme, i suppose in hindsight this wass my fault as i was told to do so, this put me a little behind on day 1 - which fortuntely i got resolved in the first break with the help of their techie on hand.

    The best bits

    I'm making money. End of story! I've been trading with Knowledge to Action, Learn to trade for 9 months now and i'm seeing consistent profits week on week. I'm averaging 240 to 300 pips every week, which is netting me around £2000 a week. I consider this to be a game changer.

    Coaching - the trader coaches are a decent set of chaps and they seem to not only be decent traders, but also quite patient. I have since enrolled on bootcamp the 2 day live trading programme and this has increased my focus and income exponentialy. I would highly recommend doing this following a few months of attending the first programme.

    I am happy to talk to anyone who is interested and will give you my unbiased opnion.


  9. Hello -

    I have just bought the forex course and coaching. I'm doing my course in a few weeks - can't wait to get started! Any tips for someone who's brand new to all of this?

    Polly :)

    1. Use your demo account (not actual cash) for at least a few weeks. Bon Chance

  10. Thanks Tom,

    This has been a really helpful exercise - walking us through the trade from set-up to 'emotional' and technical management, following the rules and having belief in the technical reasons for entering and sticking with a trade. Then if it doesn't work out you don't feel so bad because you know you ticked the boxes and stuck by the rules.

    Very helpful, thanks a lot.


  11. K2A provided me a way to enter the FX market. With Trader-Coaches having an immense body of knowledge, dedicated staff to facilitate presentations and my strong desire to learn, I started my FXtrading life close to a year ago. Going through the various phases I learnt to accept that trading is not a one-way street each time a position is taken; I allowed myself the very critical time that is required to learn the rationale of trading.

    There are no secrets to trading, but there is a another type of learning beyond the trading strategies. That is, having to learn about myself as a trader and a learning beyond the charts I look at. Exposure and awareness to financial markets, repetitive exercise as is learning to apply the techniques of the trader-coaches. It was then that I acquired a roundness that enables me to make the decision about the trading positions I take today. It took a lot longer than a day, a week or a month ... but then it happened!

  12. Hi my name is Chris and I turned a 50 thousand dollar account into 200 thousand in two months" November & December 2011, all I can say is if you want something bad enough you would do whatever it take at any cost to get it "right". An Olympic Athlete keeps his eyes on the Goal, we have see Athletes win Silver or Browns who are not happy with themself because they want Gold. I have purchase so many cars when I was young, finance the purchase and each time lost a lot of money. I have purchase a lot of things in my life time which I did not need, what a waist of money. If K2A's FX educated program cost 50k, 100k or more I would borrow the money even if I did not have it because we cannot put a price on the education which will make me/you unlimited amounts of money for the rest of our life. Regards Chris Akmak

  13. Here is a link to Chris's Trading Statement, as we wanted to see the proof! As i'm sure you do too.

  14. I did the two day workshop without any prior exposure to the FX market. The workshop was an overload of new information for me and took time to digest. The comprehensive course material was great for revision. The demo account is a must for getting to know the platform and setting up trades. Once you find your confidence you are ready to apply the strategies in the real market. This is great because you find a stream of opportunities coming at you al the time.
    The coaching was particularly helpful since you spend time with an experienced trader who is able to effectively deal with the specifics that you have questions on. And help your understand the planning and use of strategies.
    As always the staff is very friendly and supportive with anything.

  15. Hi my name is Jim,

    I am currently considering where to go from here having attended an introductory seminar about three weeks ago. Thanks for your sharing.

  16. WOW! It is an amazing idea with this blog guys. So happy because now I can rich to everyone unsure people out there, if still any :) Who would advise better than the actual customer of this fantastic product? Ladies and Gentlemen’s if you still hesitating on whether to go on the course please listen: if you willing to give 100% commitment, if you would like to make it your profession in future and you willing to do whatever takes then I just say GO FOR IT PEOPLE!! Live changing experience and if I can do it then anybody can too with the K2A dream team!! They are all professional traders but on top of that they are such a lovely bunch of people that care about you. I always felt that it is theirs guilty pleasure in helping us to become a successful traders. They are always available to customers through all sorts of connections (phone, Skype, e-mail, Facebook-you name it) well organized too.
    After 4months of my course I started to feel very comfortable with my trading- but bear in mind, that before I went to the course I had literally ZERO knowledge about trading. Now I am a profitable trader who never lost any of my own capital because of number one rule- Risk Management- that K2A teach in day one till the very end. I know I have invested in my future that now looks very bright because of this great company!
    If you will have any questions please ask and I am more than happy to answer them because I want you to be successful too!! Happy Trading Guys :)

  17. Hello, am baout to move from paper trading to Real trading with a small account. Strong instruction on the Income Generator from the 2 day course and from Saira has enabled me to turn the $5000.00 paper account to $7,000 in a month. After the two day course I realised how much it had benefited me and how much more I could do so I joined the Unlimited Wealth program, and will start the course after I come back from our 2 months sailing trip through Indonesia. I know people say it is not the same if a person does paper trades, but I did give my findings to my friend who has a real account and who followed my trades (he also is a memeber of Knowledge to Action Unlimited Wealth), and each one he has profited from as well.

  18. Carlene and Heather26 August 2012 at 06:18

    Heather and I have been trading for a while now and have found the team at K2A to be very understanding and patient. Partha as our coach is especially knowledgable and has been teaching us various strategies and especially price action. Which has enabled us to look at the charts from a different perspective. The key to trading for us is risk management and K2A taught us this principle on day one!
    Trading requires patience and lots of learning, not only about the charts but about your own emotions and beliefs.
    We are very happy to be part of the K2A team and call ourselves Master Traders.

  19. I've been trading for 7 months now and have found my feet and making a regular income from trading based around the K2A strategies with my own adjustments. I find the training and support of K2A, especially Partha and Saira invaluable in assisting me towards my goals, and am working hard not just on the technicals but more importantly on the psychological aspects of trading.

    As a former Corporate Executive who has retired to trade full time the K2A programs are exactly what I need and I enjoy the commaraderie with the Coaches and fellow students. I am regularly making 1500+ pips/month now and as my account grows so do the returns. I'm sticking with my trading plan, staying patient and seeing the rewards, so thanks guys and keep up the good work.

    Dean Laurence.

  20. I'm a K2A Student and i have been trading since 2010. It took me a little longer than the other traders to get off my feet because I really wasn't dedicated to it enough at the start! After receiving a huge amount of support from K2A and continuing in the study programs I am now trading very successfully with profits coming in.
    It feels really great to see all that hard work pay off. I couldn't have done it without the team at K2A.
    Thanks for pushing me when i needed it guys!!!

  21. Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to say that, after a whole year as a UW I can now consider myself a currency trader as I was able to leave my day job and still make a living! I'd specially like to thank the coaches that helped through the bad and the good times! Thank you Mark, Andy, Zöe and everyone else! Financial freedom right ahead!

  22. Hi Guys

    i came to knowledge to action knowing nothing about trading and i was blown away by how they made it so simple for me to understand. i left my 2 day course with enough knowledge to begin trading on the Monday, something which i used to think i would have to go to university to learn. Now i have a new life skill which i can take with me anywhere in the world and continue to create a steady income. (That alone for me is priceless!) also the ongoing support from the trading coaches and the atmosphere is magnetic i cannot believe how supportive everyone is. im really pleased i have taken this route. Thanks to these guys

  23. Dear Jason,

    It gives me pleasure to write to you about my experience with Knowledge to Action,over the past number of weeks.

    Firstly let me say that it was so refreshing to be inspired by such a credible presenter as Greg Secker. Allow me to share why I am so impressed with what Knowledge to Action has done for me so far.

    Jason, from the time that I signed up with you for the seminar, I found that Greg’s philosophy to trading permeates your entire organisation. From my personal experience with all at Knowledge to Action, it is clear to me why Knowledge to Action is rated the UK’s Number One Forex Training Organisation. There is no doubt that they will remain South Africa’s number one Forex trader training organisation as well.

    The service that I have been given was outstanding. The observations that I make about Knowledge to Action comes from my past experience as a national service manager and a senior operations manager for large South African companies. I have also taught conceptual skills for a number of years and recently spent some time as a Professor of Business Administration at a university in the world’s tenth largest economy, focusing on business strategy and business communication.

    Knowledge to Action has done a superb job of packaging the complexity of Forex trading into a two-day training seminar like Ultimate Forex ProfitsTM that all can understand and use immediately. I have given more than 1, 000 hours to researching forex trading with the view of pursuing trading as a career for myself. I have no doubt that your (software embedded) trading strategies will prove to be the edge that I will need to trade successfully as a Forex trader.

    It was at my second Knowledge to Action seminar where I had the privilege of hearing Greg Secker do a Millionaire Traders Secrets Seminar. At that presentation I committed to attend the Ultimate Forex ProfitsTM training to further develop myself as a Forex trader. I have found the two-day Ultimate Forex ProfitsTM training seminar invaluable for my development. It is my desire to pursue the full suite of Knowledge to Action’s training offerings.

    It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that I have also experienced similar exceptional service from the service providers that Knowledge to Action recommends to its graduates. My experience with Knowledge to Action is such that I must say: Hat’s off to Knowledge to Action! I can really recommend Knowledge to Action as the Forex Training Company of choice in South Africa.

    Best wishes to you and all at Knowledge to Action, South Africa.

    Gary Ramages
    Rondebosch, Cape Town. South Africa.