Sunday, 16 September 2012

Thank you

Dear Saira,

I am one of the participants from the two-day course you lectured over the weekend. First of all, I would like to thank you for the perfect job done and also for your enthusiasm.


Although my enthusiasm was there, my body was really tired. On Sunday you caught me being a bit spacy as you asked a question - I did actually know the answer but physically I was really tired. We drove through the night (could not find any flight we could take to be in the Hunter Valley for a morning funeral) and got in at our property at four in the morning.

Throughout the journey in the back on my mind I was drawing steps and "P1"

and "P2", checking for agreement, etc., and my confidence grew even more as I drove.


What this long story means that in spite of being really worn out, you managed not only to motivate me but actually got all the good stuff into my head! I think you did a fantastic job and thank you very much for that.

Although I entered this course thinking of FOREX as one of my diversifications, the two days also made me seriously reconsider this.I realize that from hereon it is up to us and I intend to do the best.


Thank you again,





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