Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Prop Trader

Hi Tom,

Thank you for you comments, I am well on my way back to be over £10,000 soon.
I hope you don't mind that I risked a full 1% on the EURAUD trade you used for us as a case study, the bar was 8 pips more that I could have traded with my current 0.5%, it wasn't meant to be breaking the rules.
I will certainly keep risking 0.5% until you see it is OK to return to 1%.
For me it is more about knowing what I am doing and not about the pressure of making profit right now.

Every trade gives me a valuable exprience. I remember Greg saying that it takes the same effort making £10.00 profit on a trade or £1000.00, so I evaluate my performance in percentages, not in actual profits yet

It is really a GREAT feeling to see my trades doing well - unbelievably GREAT!

Have a great week,


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