Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Aus MasterTrader

Hi Partha

During the last session of Master Trader course last week when you told us to find an “Anchor” I found this extremely powerful as  it reminded me of my competitive Archery days.

This sport required 80 % mental and 20% technical.

Every morning and night I would visualize myself shooting that perfect shot –going through the sequence. Perfect timing and continuous focus on one arrow at a time hitting  the gold.  

I also used the back of five  business cards to write five positive affirmations all relating to being a fit and successful archer. I would read these every morning to keep myself confident and positive.

My aim this week is to transfer this technique to my trading. Visualise myself being a successful trader and living the life style that this will bring to me and my family and as such I will prepare five forex focused cards.

I am grateful to you for a great course last week.

Kind Regards




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