Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Testimonial from David M

Testimonial Quotes David M

‘I enjoy the atmosphere in the trading room and the commentary that you get from the trading coaches, which is beneficial in seeing what they think of the market and I’ve made pretty good money from the two sessions. In addition to the money it also helps you improve as a trader and it is for a worthwhile cause so overall it is a really positive experience. ‘

‘Net I’m up £10,000’

‘I am on the unlimited wealth programme and I heard about it, it seemed like an additional day to get all day coaching effectively and it’s for a good cause and I enjoy coming here so it was an easy decision to make’

‘I like the online web resources that you get, the weekly recorded messages on the Wednesday are fabulous for a learning experience, seeing how traders switch through the asset classes to see what is worthwhile and what is not because time management is half of the battle. ‘

‘Finding an efficient way of finding opportunities is very beneficial and having the support of coaches who are very approachable and you have access to the whole trading floor. ‘

‘People have different styles and there’s enough exposure to work out what is going to work for you. You need to know what your personality is as a trader and find trading strategies consistent with that otherwise it won’t work. This gives you the best possible opportunity to find what works for you, that is why it is a good programme.’

‘apart from making the money on the first flying trader, (the highlight) is getting market confidence and to think that with a bit more progression it is something I could do as my career. So once I get to a point where it becomes a sustainable income generation mechanism, I can rearrange my life and not work for a living as an employee.’

‘I see traders consistently making 1 or 2% or more a day and that clearly translates into an income which is more than adequate and much more than I am currently earning as an employee’

‘If you have an interest in it and you are passionate about it, there is no reason why you can’t succeed in this field’

‘My trading results to that point were patchy at best so I went along to the free seminar to see if I could learn something new and it appealed to me. It has the whole package of support here and I think it is worthwhile. I have made my money back already and it has paid itself off.’


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