Thursday, 11 October 2012

I decided to trade foreign exchange to be able to earn what I am earning now with less time. There is so much to learn and one course (UFX) with 3 coaching sessions is just not enough. It is just the beginning of what the possibilities are and I would strongly recommend anyone intending to do Ultimate Forex course to do Unlimited Wealth. I would only say that this was made possible by hundreds of hours I have spent with the manuals and in front of the screen that has helped me to understand the concepts and implement the strategies flawlessly. My coach, Partha, is just brilliant at teaching these strategies. He makes things so simple to understand. He also makes you realize what actually is happening when price reaches a particular support or resistance. I have learnt more from him in 2 sessions than I would have done by spending hours in front of the computer screen. But it is also the hours spent in front of computer screen that actually helps you to understand what he is teaching.

I think we need to treat it as a degree and give it same time and respect as you would to a university degree and I can tell you it pays off BIG TIME.

In the last 2 months since I joined the programme with Knowledge to Action I have increased my account by 15%.

Thanks to Knowledge to Action and Partha Banerjee for guiding me towards my goal of financial independence.

Pankaj S


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