Monday, 29 October 2012

Unlimited Wealth Delegate

Hi James!


I just wanted to send this quick message to thank you for the chat we had at the course and the opportunity you have given me. I met up with David Long here in Brisbane last week at the bootcamp and he's great. He's an absolute perfect match for me as I have found my worst trading quality... I'm extremely aggressive. He's good in that he takes me down a notch! haha. I'm sure you know Joseph, I'm exactly like him!


This week I've smashed my target, hitting 210 pips for the week!


I've got two books, recommended by David, on the way for me to read and I'm heading down to Sydney for another bootcamp, trading on the floor and the master trader course in November.


It's not that I wouldn't have made this happen with my trading without you but having that chat really put the extra winning spin on my mindset to realise my goal.


Thanks again and hopefully see you in Sydney sometime!


- Conrad


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