Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wealth Stream

As it was very difficult for me to attend the Bootcamp due to a number of reasons I found it (wealth stream) to be the best way I could expand my knowlege on Forex Trading. I enjoyed the friendly relaxed manner of Joseph and David and I felt confident with their background knowledge of the material they were presenting.  Their voices were easy to listen to and they spoke clearly.

As we were looking at live trades it was difficult to predict what was going to happen so the content was very much reliant on the market trends, I felt, this posed some problems. I also need to know how to use the charts more effectively so this slowed me down, my technical expertise is lacking.
I was unable to place any trades with the group as I was unable to organise myself quickly enough. Now that I know what to expect , hopefully I will be more comfortable with the next session.
I will be attending all other webinars that become available for this is the best option for me.
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