Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Learning progress...

Hi K2A


Thanks for a great midweek market focus presentation - I learnt a lot, especially that candlestick reversal patterns set up support & resistance levels that are adhered to later, and can be used as potential entry & exit points. I knew of these patterns but didn't realise their power lasted well into the future!


I watched the webinar last night, and it really opened my eyes. I got up early this morning (5am!) because I was thinking about these patterns and couldn't sleep, and I spent 2.5 hours finding them all over my charts! Now I'm seeing them everywhere, and I can see how they tell stories of their own. I can also see how analyzing all timeframes (from macro to micro) in this way can really give clarity about direction (or lack of it). For now I am making notes on my charts as I observe these patterns until they become second nature and I won't have to make notes. This process is also helping me in the process of prevention of incorrect entries, which as you know has been one of my weaknesses. I am so determined to have all correct trade entries! 


Many thanks again


Kind regards



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