Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Thank you!!!!!

Good day


I have attended the Ultimate forex course over the weekend . May I just say thank you ,first of all for Robert for helping me late on Friday afternoon to help me set up Esignal. He gave new meaning to the word customer service. Thank you for your patience and commitment to help me, I really appreciated it Robert!!


Then also a big thank you in general, for the hospitality , kind support and interest in every single person over the two days .


Our family has emigrated to New Zealand about 18 months ago. With the big move we have lost almost everything that we have built up over the years. In the process we have lost more than money and friends. That is a huge thing to overcome and not something you can ever explain to someone else. I would like to specially thank John, not just as a vey good presenter , but more important for the way that he has encourage us to focus and to fight for what could make a difference in our life's. He is honestly interested in more than money and gave me personally new reasons to find the purpose in life , which I sadly lost over the last year and a half. John thank you very much for making a difference. I hope I will become one of the profitable master traders .


Thank you to all of you for reaching out . I will make use of your helping hand to get started. Specially after coming back last night and switching on the computer this morning.


Kind regards





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