Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hi GrantAfter your online coaching the other day, I observed Australian dollar and Japanese yen, and drew lines as you taught. After an hour I placed the order, shorted AUD and longed JPY. Since JPY still had more space to go up, I took a risk to long more JPY, and won at the point 80.45. On the following day, I bought JPY at 80.08 with the high at 80.51. I won 37 pits on JPY and 122 pits on AUDtotally 159 pits in one day! I am super happy! I want to share the joy with you. It was all because of your guidance. Thanks so much for helping me to get rid of the confusion for so many days. I really profit more from one consultation with you than from ten years of reading. You can share my testimonial to other students on seminars, I believe it will be very convincing.I wish you happiness.


Your students: Qi!



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