Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trading Psychology

Hi Saira,
I just watched your midweek market focus and it reminded me of the session we spent together.
I want to thank you for spending the time and assisting me with developing a trading persona.
My trading persona is a mix of Greg Secker and Quentin Bryce (Australia's Governor-General)
I work daily to build the strength of my Super Trader and I step into my persona before each trading session.
I have several power statements I use every day. To help put me in the zone


I am now a profitable Master Forex Trader and I expect to make profits -that is why I trade.


I would like to acknowledge

Jordan for his incredible patience in insisting on written trading rules, documentation and consistent action
Yourself, Saira for helping me find my Trading Persona and being able to focus on the job at hand rather than my inadequacies


The Grand Master Partha who managed to teach me to see the wider picture, price action, and gave me the belief to trade what I see not what I think.


Thanks so much




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