Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blog: Beth

It has been six months now since I signed on to undertake the biggest learning curve of my adult life. I was going back to school to become a Forex Trader!!
I knew that most degrees take at least three years so I was prepared to be learning for at least that period of time. But with the Unlimited Wealth program I now know I can fast track my learning to maybe just one year, depending on how fast I can learn and put everything into practice!!

The learning curve seemed huge at the beginning, having only ever invested in property it was all total gobble de gook to me, but I was excited and still am, the potential for creating wealth truly is unlimited. My investment of just $20,000 for the Unlimited Wealth package was a no brainer for me if it meant I could buy my very own personal coach (Jay) as well as intensive training sessions with Partha, Jordon, Evelyn, Rik and the others, that I could repeat over and over again. As an Interior Decorator working for an hourly rate myself I know that even at just $100 per hour that is only five weeks work, so I knew this was real value for money!!

With the Unlimited Wealth package I could not be happier with the service K2A provides, I have now completed the first of my Master Trader courses, and am yet to embark on my Master Trader Bootcamps, which I plan to repeat every two months. Jay, who is fantastic, has taught me so many little tricks and picked up on many of my mistakes which turned my losing trades into winners. I am thrilled to say my trading account is now 5% up!!! Which is a fantastic turn around from being 20% down on my demo account when I first started!

I love the fact that Jay is so very approachable every day by email or phone if I have questions or concerns. And if he is not available Lauren will find someone to help me. Partha has such an amazing insight into this new world (for me), his knowledge astounds me as I try to absorb every word he says during our training sessions. And Partha your wit really shines through!!! Rik I am loving the new strategies too!!

Thanks so much to all at K2A for opening this new world of Forex Trading to my husband and I, we are thoroughly enjoying our journey to Unlimited Wealth!

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
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