Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I did the Forex course in October (2009)


The grounding I got from [Traders University] was very good and the good thing about Forex is it’s very liquid so if you place a trade and it goes in the right direction the profits come in very quickly, which is quite exciting.


Best trade is probably a short on the Yen. 350 points in less than a week. it was a really good trade I managed to capture. It was perfectly set up and I managed to catch it bouncing off the trend.


The Mastertrader adds much more detail to what you learn from the initial courses and gives you a few really good strategies so you can get a few odd percent here and there from power pivots and a few on the gap trading US Market as a way of adding to your profits for the week.


The courses are great but the coaching is incredibly valuable. The guy (Emmanuel) that I am working with has kept me on the straight and narrow, taught me what not to do, helps me with what I am doing.. patted me on the back when I’ve done well. It’s like having a big brother who’s looking after me – you really need that so I couldn’t say how valuable that’s been.


You need the training course to learn what to do, all the strategies and where to start but I think the hand holding from the coach, that’s what turns you from having the potential of being a half decent trader to BEING a decent trader.



Harry Mowat Jan 2010


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