Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I’ve only done the traders course and the forex course. And I’ve just finished the forex one. It was great. We did about 14% on the stocks in about 2 months. So we just consistently traded every single day, every day, end of day put the trades on, watched them, stuck to the rules, did just 1% and made sure it was consistent. If you do it properly every day, I think you can do really well.

I just love knowing more about trading and I’m learning now about the forex training which is very exciting. It’s very excitement. We are going to concentrate on the forex training. Doing it with my boyfriend, which is good having 2 heads together, we are a great team working together. To have somebody to bounce ideas off and to see how everything works. I am good at spotting the strategies, he is good at the IT side. Both of us having given up our jobs to do this full time,  to really make this work. So this year we are really concentrating on getting it off the ground and making a profit from it.

We are up about 27% of our account in 3 months so that’s pretty good. Maybe it is beginners luck, I do not really know but of course there is two of us. He does the early morning part for the forex, and I do the evening part because we work different times physically. I’m better in the evenings, he works better in the mornings and it works perfectly.

I’d recommend somebody to do it. It’s like learning a language. You either do it once a week and then it takes a while, or you go and live in the country for a year and then you’re completely fluent. Ad you can say anything and do anything. You need to pretty much make this part of your life where as if you do it part time it takes a long time to get into it and people lose the momentum and the stamina. It’s a good idea to immerse yourself in something like this straight away. That’s my strategy.

Camilla Loughton’s 19.11.10

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