Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Extremely interesting, fantastic, awesome. The best part of the course is all of it really because there’s so much to take in that you need it all. It’s done with humour which helps you to remember and it’s been fantastic so I can’t say any one piece [is the best] as it’s all relevant.

I chose Knowledge to Action as it came through on the internet, some kind of promotion I must have clicked somewhere and it had an introductory course and I was coming up to London from Norwich and it fitted in with my schedule so I went and signed up.

Currently – which is not my career, it’s just I stumbled into it coming back to England after 20 years abroad. I currently work for Aviva, which used to be Norwich Union insurance company and I’ve been a complaints handler – I look after people who complain about something, they haven’t appreciated what the company’s done, or just the way the call rep answers or a real mess has been made with the policy – so yeah I deal with complaints.

I haven’t really provided for my golden years. I’ve had a good life full of ups and downs and I have travelled extensively but I haven’t put money aside and sure as hell the government aren’t going to have it and my private ones aren’t that good. I want to make lots of money through this to be able to leave my 9-5 job eventually and provide for myself with a few hours a day and do all the other things I love to do like travelling, help my family, help other people and have the joys that I want.

Veronica Johannas Kingsburg UK 2009 Graduate


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