Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I initially went on the two hour free seminar in Manchester and I got excited that I could trade on the Stock Market and do intraday trading and that someone was going to give a two day seminar on it and it looked quite simple.

After going on the course in October I found that the ethics behind the company was very good and the support we received afterwards was also really good. So I have now started trading, with some success and some failures too but on the whole the strategies that we have learnt do work and I just have  to do more of them for the rewards that will come.

I came on the course on October 2008, I have had some coaching sessions with my support team and placed some trades, both successful and unsuccessful and I continue to follow the strategies I have been taught.

I have now taken the two day Master Trader Course which is quite intensive but there is a lot more strategies to follow to help make the income from this a full time income.

Virginia Sawyer






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