Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Since joining Knowledge to Action it's been a bit like a journey to a new destination - lots of excitement and wondering what the path ahead will be like. The program offered by Knowledge to Action has certainly been well worthwhile, with valuable technical information and trading strategies in the course material and great support from the whole team at Knowledge to Action.

Partha and others from the trading floor are so knowledgeable and generous in making sure you have the right tools to become a good trader.

But more than that - the courses and support by the team provides important real-life context and examples that add so much value. I've just completed the three-day MasterTrader course (for the 2nd time) and I'm feeling so much more energised and in control of how I go about trading. I'm really looking forward to the Bootcamp for a further injection of action and getting it together that much more.

It's not an original thought of mine, but I read that learning to trade Forex should be treated like a 'skill for life'. I'm certainly committed to developing more and more my knowledge and skills, because I aim to be a full-time trader. If it's a skill for life, it will be life changing.

Would I recommend the program? Sure I would - if you're prepared to work hard, be open to new information and possibilities, and stick with it.

Kind regards

Lauren Read / Unlimited Wealth Manager
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