Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Really, really exciting, it’s not the first course I’ve been on, it’s the second course. What I learnt from the first course has actually enabled me to pay for this course. I started off with £500, its up now to £4000. That’s since August. And that’s being a single mum with 3 kids and a hairdresser working 6 days a week. It’s not bad. Anybody can get into a trade; it’s getting out of it that is the magic about it all really. Everybody really wants financial freedom and that’s what I want as a single mum to have that time to create my fortune before they grow up and leave home. I need more, I need rules, just guidance really which is what I’ve got from [Knowledge to Action] and now it’s all just falling into place and making so much more sense not doing this sort of thing on your own. You’ve got to be with people when you’re doing this.

Josie Keogh 2009


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