Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Dear Rob,

I would like to say a few words about my time at Knowledge to Action as it has been a very interesting, challenging , and now rewarding , time for me.

First i would like to thank all the staff at Knowledge to Action who have been excellent in every way - they have shown great tenacity, extreme patience and professionalism at all times.

The course is very well thought out; methodical in its approach and presentation throughout.

You are taken though each part step by step until it all starts to make sense, and I found the thing that put it altogether was the day’s one to one coaching with Rob. The pennies all start to drop one by one until you wonder why it had taken so long to get it!!!!

I would recommend the course to anybody that is serious about trading forex or stocks, you need to put a lot of effort in but the rewards more than worth it and providing you are prepared to do the that I would be confident that  Knowledge to Action would get you to be a competent trader.


Chris Peeters


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