Wednesday, 29 August 2012


We all placed a trade on the first or rather the second day of the course – we all went into Barclays, we all lost out on Barclays and in fact after the first month me account was 5% down. However, at the end of three months my fund was 45% up. During that time the FTSE 350 was up 18% but I was up 45% so whatever I was doing was right and I think the no #1 thing I was doing right was I was trading, I was keeping it simple, I was following the rules that were given and was able to take it from there. The 2 hour seminar I attended more than once and I was getting a consistent message and things were stacking up. I was very interested in the 3:1 ratio – I thought that made a lot of sense and if you follow a 3:1 ratio you only need to be successful 50% of the time so that’s one of the key measures, the risk management and financial management aspects make it more scientifically sound.

I left my job, coincidentally, I left my job in March – I got fed up with the corporate rat race. I’ve got a few other properties and I deal with that but I’m at the stage in my life where I just want to enjoy myself. I don’t want to answer to anyone else. I want to do my own thing and I’m able to do this by trading at home.

I have some financial goals about monthly income. I’m not after a big new car or a big new house. I have all the things I need in my life. I’m just looking for that monthly income to feed the kids and allow me to do all the hobbies I like to do.

Richard Biddle 2009

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