Wednesday, 29 August 2012


There’s a lot to learn [on the course] but I’m getting a lot out of it, particularly the opportunity to earn lots of money. I did the Forex course about four weeks ago and last month I was up about 4% - and this week I am up 2 %. I would say I’m on the brink of considerably better things, done a lot of back testing so I am getting more confident. It’s good to be doing the Forex course as the Forex course does give more opportunities at the moment, I think. My best trade so far is probably on cable work, made me 2.5% up. I started with 20(000) and I’m about 5-10% up. I think the courses themselves are good, the coaching – particularly the coach I have at the moment – is very good but I think it is bigger than that cause also it makes you realise you can achieve your dreams if you put everything into it. I have always worked for myself and this gives me the opportunity to earn lots of money without any staff. I’ve now actually now given up my full time job as of a week ago. I was a managing director of a couple of companies so I sold those companies about 2 yrs ago and then was employed for 2 yrs but am now trading full time.

Dave Symondson

November 2009


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