Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I think that if you want to go further with trading and if you are a beginner, you need to come to these courses.

I wanted to trade forex and stocks to become financially independent. I was working for a company, but for my future I think that it is not sustainable, so i want to become independent, so I am trying new things.

I chose Knowledge to Action because I think that it is a very famous institution in England. I heard many good things about it, so that’s why I decided to come here.

The best part:

The people who work here are very friendly and they explain everything to you so many times if you don’t understand, so it is a very friendly environment.

I want to be consistent with my earnings.

I would definitely recommend Knowledge to Action. The best thing is that the coaches keep in touch frequently and they care about me. They want you to improve and succeed. So, for sure, I would recommend Knowledge to Action.

Diana Hernandez June 2011


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