Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I did two knowledge to action courses nearly two years ago. My last coaching was a year ago. Once you get into it, you don’t need it so much.  At the moment I’m doing foreign exchange.

The MasterTrader teaches you how to read markets and you can then really apply that to anything. I started out applying it to stocks, as the original course was position trading stocks and then I applied it to the indices and the DAX and the FTSE.

I’ve been applying it to the stock market, trying to get a better return than when you left the money in the bank (...) with the objective of achieving a target of 8 – 10 %, which I have been achieving over a period of probably 3 to 4 months on average.

On an annualized basis I have been making about 30%, so it’s worked! And I can put that down to the course of course in the first place, but importantly to the coaching.

You can’t do it, if you read a book. It’s impossible. Doing the course and having that ingrained into as a system...Once you’ve learned the system, you learn that you can be flexible with it.

It comes down to the discipline and listening to what the people actually are telling you should do and actually realizing that it makes sense and they’re not saying it just to fill out the space. They’re saying it because it really is important and you will learn to adapt the systems that you get taught to your own style.

Some of the stuff that he put across, I knew immediately that’s what I was missing. I signed up there and then for the course.

My coach was terrific.

The secret is that there is no secret.

Tony Gray - 2011


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