Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hello, My Name is Jean Jones. I came on the Traders University Course at the end of January 2009, I had had a dabble in the Markets in the past but never really done a lot regularly. What attracted me to the Traders University Course was the one-on-one Mentorship that would push me to trade more, as I felt not doing anything was my main problem.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Course, I met some really nice people and before I left the course on the last day I had placed my first Trades which had broken the barrier and now gave me the confidence to trade.

The next week I did a bit of revision of the books then went on to continue trading.

It is now a month or so on and I am still trading, last week I made a profit of 15% which I thought was amazing. I am now working forward with that and if I have that same result per month I will be a very rich lady in 3years.

I am thrilled with the course so far and I am still enjoying myself. I spend a little time in the morning and one hour in the evening looking at what is going on in the Markets and I am finding it really great.

Jean Jones – Traders University 2009

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